Description Policy

There are a few rules to follow when setting up the descriptions for your character:

Please make sure that your short/long descriptions only include physical traits. Your character may be kind-hearted, but that's not something people find out by only looking at you.

There should only be permanent traits in your description. Thus, avoid things like clothes. For example, "a tall human wearing a black cloak" is not appropriate, because clothes are not permanent traits. If you want to include your character's hairstyle in his or her look description then a good way to do it would be to write, "His hair, reaching mid-back when loose, is usually worn in a high pony tail."

Please make sure that your physical appearance matches the traits of your race. You cannot simply decide for your Tyen to be hornless or have bright red eyes. Or a Human as having silver hair.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Just write up what your character looks like, don't tell other people to consider your character beautiful or, for that matter, ugly.

When writing up the look description for your char, do not include other people's actions in it. In other words, it's not appropriate to write, "You see in front of you..." Or even worse: "Whilst you look at the Human, you feel a sudden chill."