Naming Policy

Shadow Siege is set in a unique medieval styled fantasy world and is the result of hundreds of hours of work by a talented and diverse staff. Thus, in keeping with the originality of the areas, we require our players to be original as well. Following is our current naming policy. If we find that your name does not meet any of the requirements, you may have to recreate. The decision on whether a name is acceptable is in the hands of the staff and is final.


Offensive names are not allowed. This includes rude, vulgar or vile words of any form. It also includes racial slurs, sexually offensive terms and references to anatomy or anything else the staff deems inappropriate. This applies to both character and account names.

Names must fit the theme of Shadow Siege. This applies only to character names, not to account names (though copyrighted names may also not be appropriate for account names). Examples of unsuitable names:

  • Copyrighted names such as Kleenex, Drizzt and Tylenol

  • Names from popular media such as: SnowWhite, DarthVader and Rambo

  • Common words not found in our fantasy setting, such as "Cannabis", "Laser" and "SwitchBlade"

  • Names with titles in them, for example: "SirKiller" and "LadyFox"

  • Any words that are made up of more than one word, such as "ElfKiller" or "IHugTrees"

If you are at all unsure, please speak to a member of staff.