The Rules

The following are the rules that must be abided by whilst playing Shadow Siege. Ignorance of them is never an excuse to break them. Breaking the rules can result in banning, removal of commands or items or whatever the staff deems necessary.

An appeal of any decision must not be brought up on a public channel but rather emailed to a staff member. The rules may change without notice and anything not covered here can be ruled "on the spot" by the member of staff handling the situation. If you are at all unsure about anything outlined here, contact a member of staff.

This rule implies that people should attempt to get along, OOCly. While characters may be the worst of enemies, it is expected that everyone should be civil to each other OOCly. It is just a game, after all.

1.1 Common Sense
Often designated as the catch-all rule, this rule states that we credit you with common sense, therefore we expect you to use it. Following the spirit of the rules is often considered more then the actual words themselves. Rules-lawyering is prohibited, if you have a problem with any ruling or such, it must be sent in WRITING by email to a staff member.

1.2 Respect
All players and staff must be treated with respect on Shadow Siege. No matter how harsh things get ICly, recognise it is, after all a game, and everyone is here to have fun. Including the staff. It is important to remember that everyone playing Shadow Siege is a real person behind the text.

1.3 Harassment
No harassment of any kind is permitted on Shadow Siege. We consider harassment a very serious offense, and if you are found guilty of it, you may not be allowed to play on Shadow Siege. Harassment is defined as the stalking or annoying or even overly flirtatious activity towards a player, which is unwanted. If you believe you are being harassed, first explain that to the person, and then notify a member of staff.

1.4 Spamming
Spamming, the act of repeating one or a series of commands, is not allowed on Shadow Siege. Instances of spamming include advertising a mud multiple times, to even typing in: "say hi" repeatedly. Use common sense to decide what you can and can't do, being especially careful in well populated areas.

Repeating (whether through stacking, timers or manually entering it) a skill or spell many times (in excess of five within five minutes) in order to simply raise it up is against the rules. Characters caught doing such risk having all their skills set to zero.

Similarily, spamming a skill/spell/command beyond the realms of realism in order to somehow further advance your character is also against the rules. For example, is it really realistic that your character crafted fifty swords in one hour and sold them all to make 5,000 gold?

As Shadow Siege is a roleplay enforced mud, there are some rules to govern how players roleplay here. If you are new to roleplaying, feel free to ask for help or for further advise if you are at all unsure about the rules.

2.1 Staying IC
Roleplaying is not an option on Shadow Siege, it is a requirement. In addition to being a requirement to roleplay, it is against the rules to hinder other's ability or will to roleplay. Mainly this can be avoided by staying In Character, or IC, as much as possible. Sitting and having a lengthy OOC conversation using osays is not allowed. If necessary, take the conversaton to tells or to the global OOC channel, that's what they are there for.

2.2 Forced RP
Forced roleplay is defined as forcing an action onto another with emotes. Here is an example of what NOT TO DO:

"Jack grabs Bob, picks him up and tosses him across the clearing."

Instead, consider avenues of emoting that never forces an issue but allows it to develop. Consider instead:

"Jack lunges at Bob and attempts to pick him up."

In this example, we give Bob the ability to react. Now be exceptionally carefully here, because its another common pitfall to have the 'untouchable' character, that never gets 'grabbed' or 'snuck up on' etc... If you believe someone is taking advantage of you not forcing roleplay, request a staff member or talk it over with the player.

2.3 Killing Sentinent Beings
On Shadow Siege, you MUST have an acceptable roleplay reason for the murder of another player or sentinent being. While the primary rule of PKing is anything done ICly will be punished ICly, a OOC breech of the rules can result in punishments being given OOCly. If there is any doubt as to the legitimacy a staff member can request that logs be provided or a 200 word narrative of events written. Even if the killing is legitimate, bear in mind if you murder realise that you likely will be caught, tried, then quite possibly executed for your crimes.

2.4 Mud Sex and Explicit Scenes
Scenes that are deemed to be explicit are defined as having material that is objectionable to at least one of the players involved. There are several things to consider when roleplaying such. There is never any guarantee of privacy, you cannot go into a 'private' room, ask not to be snooped, or be assured the there are no invisible players or staff present. You may, of course, "fade to black" and resume rp after the questionable event has occured if either party are uncomfortable with the roleplay of it.

2.5 IC/OOC Communication
The communication of IC information is forbidden on OOC channels such as tells or the various other OOC communication methods available.

However, sometimes OOC communication of something can assist or aid in role playing, for example, using osay to clarify a typo or an emote. In general OOC communication should be kept to a minimum, if it pertains to IC information.

Some examples of OOC communication against the rules:

ooc What's the best shield in the game?
ooc My character got mad at you, because you stole my coin purse.
ooc How do I get from the centre of town to the North Gate?

This section of policy deals with any aspect of the game which is just blatantly out of character cheating. In general use common sense, if you have to ask if something is cheating, it probably is. Since Shadow Siege is always under improvement, be reminded that problems do occur, and bugs (features) have been known to creep into the system.

3.1 Listening to staff
Anything a staff member says, OOC can be considered a rule, and it can also over-ride any rule designated in these rules. For instance, if a staff member asks you to do something and it would generally break one of these rules, it is okay to do it, because the staff is explicitly asking. If a staff member makes it clear that you need to do something, ignoring/disobeying the staff member is treated as if you violated the rules. If you ever have a problem with any of the staff, or any ruling made by them, then contact a staff member about the problem via EMAIL and it will be dealt with swiftly. Never bring up a problem on channels, or to any other staff, especially if it's just to get another ruling.

3.2 Multiplaying
Multiplaying takes on many forms on Shadow Siege and almost all of them are not allowed. This includes swapping information or equipment between characters. You may never play someone elses characters. In addition to that, you may only have two alts or alternative characters (ie: three characters in total). These are purchasable with roleplay points. If one of your characters permanently dies, or you wish to retire them, you may create another character without explicit permission from the staff.

You may never have more then one character connection open to Shadow Siege at a time. If you are in a computer lab, and have friends signing on too, make sure to explicitly tell a staff member such PRIOR to both characters logging on. staff may log on as both their admin character and a player character.

3.3 Age Limit
Due to the content of Shadow Siege, you must be over the age of 18 to be able to play. If you are found to be below 18, or if a staff member suspects such, you may find yourself removed without warning.

3.4 Bug Abuse
Abusing bugs is a serious thing, since it can ruin the game for everyone. Never attempt to duplicate a crash bug or such without the permission of a staff member. As soon as you find a bug, you must report it, IN WRITING (either on the bug board, or an email to a staff member).