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Apr 1, 2006, Mud Magic Review by Mud Magic: Kyndig

Congratulations to Shadow Siege!

This game has earned the Game of The Month for the month of April. Once a month a new game from the Game List at MudMagic.Com is chosen. This game has stood out in the game community by promoting community interaction within their player ranks.

The Game of the Month is hand chosen by Kyndig and Jaelli. The requirements demanded to receive this prestegious award are among the most stringent in the community. Some of these requirements are:

* Game List Owners must give positive feedback on ways in which to further advance the Online Text Game Community.
* Player interaction within the community through voting and commenting.
* The ending rate for the month must be 3+ wizards ( 7 rating )

Mina has shown the willingness and desire to further advance their game by promoting their online text game through the community. Congratulations Shadow Siege on your strong community interactive player community!

The Staff of MudMagic.Com

This GoM has been hand picked by Kyndig

Mar 27, 2006, Mud Magic Review by player: Azmodan

I've been playing this mud nearly since it's conception and I must say that it has made for one of the most enjoyable mudding experiences I've ever had. The role-play quality itself tends to be exceptional and the players (new and old alike) are always willing to help out anyone willing to ask a question.

There's an impressive sense of community with those who play the game regularly and a general consideration for the real life situation of people when it comes to planning for things that are ran by the staff.

Code changes continue to go in on a regular basis that on the whole improve the game such as the custom magic system and the long list of other changes that have been put in that range from changes dealing with items themselves all the way to a total revamp of the stock stat system to better represent the role-playing environment.

If you're looking to try out a roleplaying mud I strongly recomend this one so drop by the website and have a look around.

Mar 26, 2006, Mud Magic Review by player: Runne

I've been playing MUDs for a number of years now, somewhere near 7. I started playing a few that I found, happy to be there at first. I didn't know they were termed hack-and-slash back then. Each time I played them, I got bored after a while, and quit, and occasionally went back to them.

But recently, I was on a website, and found a link to Shadow Siege. I had been wanting to do some roleplaying, and figured I'd give another MUD a go. I had forgotten that most others were this hack-and-slash thing (though I now knew the term, at least). When I read the front page, and saw that it was roleplay enforced, I was already hooked. I had been looking for something like this for quite a while...a basically free form game, set in a prerendered world. I signed up immediately.

I was up for a few hours that night trying to find out all I could, and spent time reading over all of the detail included on the website. The more I read, the more I was hooked, and excited to start playing.

Within a few sessions, I was inextricably connected to a huge story that ended up molding my character a bit. Was it the path I was planning? No...Was it bad? Not at all. Real life has unexpected things happen, and not everything planned goes that way.

Everyone has said things about the difference in game setup and everything else...and I agree with all of them. These things are what brought me to the game, and keep me here. Staff is knowledgeable and willing to help. And the community feeling brought on by the OOC chat just adds to the whole experience. Telantha is all of our city, and we are all neighbors who get to know each other in game, and often out. Anyone who calls themselves a gamer should try Shadow Siege.

Mar 26, 2006, Mud Magic Review by player: Mandek

I've played a variety of roleplaying games since I was a child, and MUDs in particular for well over 10 years. I've been part of the administration, building a MUD up, and the helpless player watching as the staff members butcher their own creation.

While I've never strictly adhered to a specific genre of MUD I've never really delved into a pure RP environment before, and I wasn't sure what to expect. The few that I had tried required heavy involvement from the staff, and to me anonymous roleplaying rewards from the staff could easily encourage favoritism. I tried Shadowsiege, mostly against my will, and found that the RPP reward system was both fair and well done.

The game itself is all played out via the use of emotes, and the combat system is done in a hit-by-hit manner as the players take turns dishing out their attacks through, again, the emote command. There are a variety of skills ranging from your typical combat skills consisting of a great deal of weapon proficiencies and spells to crafting, cooking, farming and so on. So if you're bored of playing that callously reluctant hero with a sword in each hand you could tone it down and forge your living as a cook in the employ of one of the city's many nobles.

As you emote and make use of the plethora of RP commands available to you - you will receive, every hour, Roleplaying Points or RPP for short. The amount you receive is based on how many of the commands you use, and the length of the lines you enter through the use of the commands. The commands include think, emote, pose, and so on. The RPP can then be used to increase your skills or stats. The number of RPP required to purchase a skill is scaled up as you increase in rank.

While I've gone to a decent lengths to expose the above par coding and game design that makes up the shadowsiege world it would take a great deal of time to list each and every unique aspect of the game's mechanics. Instead I would like to move on to the staff and the playerbase - which is the true trump card of any good MUD. No matter how unique, how well-developed the games mechanics if the staff and playerbase are an incorrugible lot you're not going to have any fun. Fortunately for those that play shadowsiege they are all open-minded individuals, and I can't recall anyone playing who I could say doesn't possess some degree of a sense of humor. The administrators themselves are prompt and effective in dealing with issues, and, from my experience thus far, are willing to listen to the opinions and ideas of the players - so long as they are reasonable ones.

In sumation I'd say that Shadowsiege is a RP MUD which takes an otherwise boring genre and adds a bit of excitement to it. Through the means of well-thought out mechanics, and being endowed with a mostly amiable, albeit currently small, playerbase. I'm afraid an inadequate writer such as myself cannot give this MUD the review it is due, but in closing I would suggest you give us a visit sometime. I don't think you'll regret it.

Mar 22, 2006, Mud Connector Review by player: Gregory

I've played this this game for quite a while now, and it has taken me this long to write a review for good reason. There was too much to deal with. I still don't know everything about the game, and it is constantly being updated. I don't mean that I was overwhelmed. No, this game is very new player-friendly. You learn things throughout the game, and rather than feeling behind everyone else, you feel like you're on the cutting edge.

The staff are very helpful, and will personally handle any problems you have. Not only that, but they listen to your ideas. And many of the ideas are implemented into the game. The playerbase is as yet pretty small, with usually only ten people on, but I've seen it lower. I've also seen almost thirty people on at once several times since I
started. They are very helpful, and actually compete to help the newer players.

The game system itself is highly intuitive. Commands are what they should sensibly be. Also, the game's roleplaying is some of the highest quality I have ever seen. It makes every other roleplaying MUD, even the most intense roleplaying MUD, look paltry in comparision. But, again, it does not make one feel lagging behind, as the other players are quick to show you how to improve.

Mar 19, 2006, Mud Magic Review by player:Knaagdier

Shadowsiege is an unique mud, and what makes it so different is various things, but, in my opinion one thing above all contributes to the atmosphere it has to provide. One simple fact.

The people who play it, love to write.

Many muds hold promises of roleplay, and when you go through the effort to create a character, you find yourself greatly dissapointed, with little to none IC in the game. It seems to be a waning thing, finding a mud that adheres wholly to roleplay, and not hack and slash, but not having that empty feeling that mushes tend to have. Shadowsiege is different than that. It holds true to its promise, and lives up to expectations in every way.

The world is a dark place. The last city in a world that has been swept up by a tide of black. A darkness which has engulfed civilizations, and all manner of life, devouring and twisting what it can in its wake, and bringing onslaught of demons. But one bastion stands. One city which has managed to drive back the choas, and live on, by grace of Gods or otherwise, it has survived. That is where you begin once you create a character. Telantha.

There is no OOC in the game to intervere with RP, as its kept strictly apart from IC, however, there are channels for those in need of aid, especially for the newbies who require help and have any questions, so you'll never be left in the dark. The immortals do everything they can to help in any way, and are always trying their best to enrich the atmosphere of the game for those in it, aiding with plots, creating them, encouraging them. Building request are taken, custom item creation, anything and everything that may seem plausible and realistic.

You can be anything you wish to be - you can be a baker, a brewer, a candlestickmaker: a mage, or a warrior, or a lone refugee, who had lost his family and is merely seeking solace. As for religion, you can even decide to be a priest, as there is a system that measure your piety (favour) with the gods, accordingly on how much you pray, and various other such things. There are even orders you can try to join, orginizations too, such as the guard.

There are no specific classes, and you are open to take any skills you wish, as long as it fits in accordingly to your character background. Your background will be the root of your character, it will determine his past, where they had come from, who they are (when you start off) so its quite important, but not mandatory to have.

The following is a link for the help pages for newbies, underneath it you will find faq's, information on writing a background, and much, much more.

Newbie Guide

Roleplay points are an important part of building up your character in the mud. They get distributed accordingly during a certain timeframe, and the amount you get will be determined by the various factors, such as the length of your emotes, how many people were in the room at the time, and so on. You can use RPP (role-play points) to increase your skills or attributes and help build up your character.

In conclusion:

Shadowsiege is a wonderful mud, which will provide you with hours of intruige and enjoyment in a world that is uniquely its own. If you wish for a roleplay experience thats true to the core, give it a try, and you shall not be dissapointed.

Mar 17, 2006, Mud Magic Review by player: Indigo


Cost- Free
Owned - Mina and Cernunnos
Average Players - 10+
PVP - Yes
Roleplay -Enforced
OOC Chat Channels - Yes
Original Content - Yes
Original Races - Yes
Combat - Roleplay Assisted
Perma-Death- Yes.
Exceptions to Perma-death- Yes! (IC conditions and roleplays can result in the sending back, of a character who has died)

The world of Telantha...

While still in Beta, Shadowsiege offers a distinctly refreshing change to the typical hack-and-slash RPG's that litter the world of Text based Gaming.

Focus is based on writing and storytelling instead of the triggers, speed typing and automatic commands. The story is immersive and ever changing, with a staff that encourages player interaction and suggestions. Content is always being added to the game and an increasing amount comes from player suggestions and ideas. Do you like to write? If you have ideas, suggestions or stories, ShadowSiege encourages you as a player to submit them; Chances are, they might very well be used.

The gods of this mudd are quite real, adding another element of interaction that many mudds lack. Substance, is what keeps this game going...and Shadowsiege has plenty of it.

If you do not like to write, do not like to tell stories or be a part of one, and your greatest joy in gaming is how many things you can kill, or how many levels you can gain; Shadowsiege is not for you.

Newbie Friendly, creative gamers can easily make their own place in this Txt Based RPG.

Some features include:

The ability to purchase up to two alternative characters. (with roleplay points, NOT money)

Roleplay Based Skill/Stat purchases.
Roleplay Based Trades and Crafts.
Custom Clothing, Weapons, Armor, Homes, Buildings and Stores.
Unique Magic Systems.
Unique World.
Unique Races.

Other Features include:

Hard Coded Combat to compliment Text based conflict.
The ability to Haunt.
Roled Positions available upon experience.
The ability to take positions within the city, such as Priest or Priestess, Constable, Guardsmen or Merchants.

My favoriate feature however will always remain that roleplay is based on interaction and description, instead of how fast you can spit out pre-programed commands. It's about the Story...

May it continue to remain original, fun and creative...Hope to see you there.

Mar 17, 2006, Mud Magic Review by player: Extro

August 17th. 2005. I'm sat my office at work, and I'm bored out of my skull. Litterally. So, I decided I'd have a go at a MUD. It had been five years since I played one, and it would be easy to play a MUD at work and not get into trouble. So I happened to come across the Shadow Siege advert on CAD (ctrlaltdel-online). So I clicked it, and long story short, seven months on I am still actively playing the game.

I'm sure you all know what it's like, being a newbie on most games. You ask a question sincerely, and then most of the players that are on reply with: "haha nub lol", or some such. Not here. From the very off-set, players actively welcome you, offering help. And if the staff are on, more often than not, they will personally welcome you too!

Character creation is quite in-depth compared to the other MUDs I've seen (and, infact, a lot of MMOs too). There are no classes. You are almost entirely free to be what you want to be, based on what order you place your attributes in, and what skills you decide to raise. Right after Character creation is a very useful tutorial, which covers most of what you need to make a start, and coupled with the website, it is entirely possible to jump right into the game, and not have to ask /any/ questions!

And from the moment you enter the game world, your character is a living, breathing being, with feelings, thoughts, their own little quirks and a personality, all of your own design. In my experience, there are usually so many threads of roleplay going on, that you are easily drawn into it, quite often by simply walking into a room!

The level of roleplay is some of, if not -the- best, I have seen. Even new players who have never roleplayed, seem to pick up off the experience roleplayers quickly, and very soon, -you- could be on of the players that newbies learn off of. Even if you have only been playing a week.

The game world itself is very detailed. The standards wich the builders/staff adhere to is very high, resulting in well-planned areas, each room having a detailed description, and most importantly, each room is there for a reason. Not just to fill space!

Code wise, the MUD is changing constantly. The coders listen to suggestions and ideas from players, and if they are good/reasonable/fit-with-the-mythos, then there is every chance that the idea will be refined and implemented.

The staff themselves are not like business men, who run the mud because they are paid to, they do it, because they /enjoy/ what they do. This means that they get involved with the players, whether it be talking and joking on the OOC channels, to actively helping players on an individual level.

So, yeah. Ranted enough. Drop by and join us!

Mar 16, 2006, Mud Magic Review by player: Quonar

I've been roleplaying for years, in various mediums, and I've played games on the web in general for even longer. And yet, despite the literally thousands of choices available to me, I have settled on Shadow Siege. One might ask why I have picked this game above others with graphics, larger playerbases, and incredibly larger amounts of content. I think the answer can be found just by looking at the merits of the game, really.

First, if you've ever played a larger fan-base game, you're probably aware of how they tend to have plans set inevitably in motion, and nothing the players vote on matters changes that plan. It's a situation of begging for changes, or not getting them, in most cases. Here, though, the Staff listen to the players. Even if they do not include every single change the player think should be added, they can almost always provide more than sufficient logic, on a code or social level, why the change would not be very good to add.

Second, I feel that most of us, as a community, are good friends, and it is quite easy to see. Logging on one day, I might see witty banter between two players on the general chat, or a discussion between some of the Staff (whom are recognized individually, I should add. They aren't some secretive cult.) and the players about the game world. We have a lot of fun together, in game and out, which makes me feel more comfortable here than I do in larger games.

Thirdly, the game doesn't just have its foot in the door, regarding roleplaying, it's sitting in the parlor drinking tea. Everything about this game from the world, to the rules, to the code is meant to enforce roleplaying. There are weather effects, which are even spiffier now thanks to some recent updates. There are dice for gamblers, there is code for concealment for the sneaky types, and there is code to earn favour with the Gods through prayer, for the more religious.

All in all, the world of Aagos, which is the world Shadow Siege is set in, is a unique experience, and grows more so with every passing day. I'm glad to call it my home on the net, as I'm sure the others are as well. Hope to see you join us, sometime. Smile

Mar 16, 2006, Mud Magic Review by player: Locus

I'm new to MUD's and this was my first, and still only one. They have a fantastic staff that respond promptly and courteously to any problems. In fact in a lot of bug situations, the implementors will often fix the problem immediately. The people are wild, crazy, and absolutely awesome.

One caveat though: you have to be over 18 and not be a @!#$. If you fail one of those requirements, boom, your gone.

This game focuses insanely on the roleplay. In fact its the only way to imporve your skills, which is to earn RPP, or role-play points, which you earn from roleplaying. Thanks to this the stories and characters are incredibly deep and often there are a few moving situations.

So if you want to help us weave some fantastic stories and characters, join us!

Mar 16, 2006, Mud Magic Review by player: Sakura

Shadow Siege is one in a million. This MUD is based off of roleplaying and writing skills rather than pkills. It has various incredible points: the role-playing points system, the 'where' command, and, of course, the people who play there. The RPP system is different from what I've seen on other MUDs; it is automated based on how much role-playing you've done. The 'where' command is nifty, I think - it tells you how many people are currently role-playing in a public place. The people who play there, however, make the game. They are mature (there's an 18+ age rating on the game) and can roleplay well. The way the people are in Shadow Siege deters trolls (the very few it gets) and the game's tutorial and character creation tends to weed out a lot of people who aren't serious about roleplaying. The global channels bring a lot of what is Shadow Siege to the game, and the character interaction is interesting. The Staff occasionally accepts applications for special characters, and they create fun, spontaneous plotlines every once in a while.

In all, the game is excellent, the players are friendly and fun, and the Staff is kind and won't eat your face (much).

Mar 9, 2006, Mud Connector Review by player: Locus

This MUD is extremely fun. You have direct access (mostly) to the programmers of the MUD so most small problems are fixed right away. The people that you will meet and talk to are very, shall we say, unique and varied. Be forewarned, they don't tolerate jerks and idiots. It is also an X-rated Mud, meaning you need to be 18 to
play. If you're younger, you will be banned promptly. If you misbehave you will be punished appropriately.

It is roleplay enforced, so there are no rewards for hack and slash behaviour. In fact, if you do so, you will be punished In Character. You get 'roleplay points' which you can then spend on stats/skills or other stuff. The better your roleplay, the more points you get. Great initiative for creative characters and situations! I've personally found that if you cause reasonable drama instead of small talk, you get tons of RPP. Speaking of drama, there are some
incredible storylines going on, but I won't mention them as they are IC(In Character) info ;).

I keep coming back to this MUD at the expense of my marks because of the quirky individuals and the addictive RolePlay. Once you roleplay, you don't go back ;)

Feb 15, 2006, Mud Connector Review by player: Derus

Leaving from a bad experience after several years RPing on another mud, I was unsure where else I could get a decent RP fix. A friend from NWN mentioned I should see if I could find a text-based RP system, and, to be honest, I was a bit skeptical. I tried out a few, and none had ANY appeal. But, from my first day on Shadow Siege, I've been hooked. Back on the other mud, I (and I don't mean to brag: he says arrogantly) was viewed as one of the better roleplayers, and I was proud of that. First few days at Shadow siege, and I just felt like an amateur. The quality of players this place attracts is AMAZING. They hit that perfect point between lack of detail and waffle. Anyone can write seven lines on the smell of the oak, but it takes a good RPer to write detailed, but RELEVANT emotes. I've not
met a proper SS player who struggles with that, yet.

When I logged on, I found the character creation process a bit daunting (though it had changed since I initially created my character), but they have an OOC channel specifically dedicated to helping out new players with the mud system. Even better then that, they had players WILLING to help! Not only willing, but EAGER! (Since
starting, I've had to have a chuckle at the race people seem to have to greet the new players on the newbie channel).

At first I found a bit of difficulty picturing everything, but I ascribe that to the fact all my previous RP had relied on graphics, rather than any shortcoming of the MUDs.

However, something I've found most important, is the willingness of staff and assistants to talk with the players. I've had a couple of times when I've, one on one, spoken with the staff about an issue I've felt important and there's the real feeling that they're listening to and considering EVERYTHING I say. I have little experience with MUDs, so I can't compare. What I can say, though, is that Shadow Siege is one of the most entertaining Roleplay experiences I've ever had.

Sep 11, 2005 , Mud Connector Review by player: Terminus

First off, a warning. If you're here to goof off or happen to be under the age of 18, don't even bother. The Shadow Siege Staff will have you gone within a matter of moments should you break the rules. The dedicated staff do a wonderful job keeping the trash out.

With that done, I'd like to say second, that if you've just started MUDing, then this is the MUD for you. It has a highly intuitive control and command scheme. The game code is updated frequently to fix bugs and update or add features. And, unique to all the MUD's I've played, the staff actually listen to player suggestions.

Third, if you're the kind of person who goes around in an RP just to kill people and sell their things, then turn around and leave now. This MUD is completely RP driven, and works through a system that rates spelling, grammar, and length of your emotes, and awards RPP points accordingly. You may use RPP points to upgrade the wide range of skills at your disposal, or upgrade your characters abilities or trade them in for a wage.

Overall, the Shadow Siege RP world and MUD system is superior to many Muds I have played, and is perfect for beginners, novice, intermediate, and veteran players. I'd give this MUD a 10 out of 10.

May, 19th 2005, Mud Connector Review by player: Allen

Shadow Siege (SS)
Well, I've been MUDing off and on since I was about fifteen years old. When I started it was with the usual, hack and slash mob killing all code based spam combat, type of MUDs. It didn't take me too long to get into the RP aspects of the various games, but some of them just aren't into that, that's fine. I hadn't been on a MUD in a couple of years when I thought hey, that's what I'll do, find somewhere to RP again. So I found SS, don't recall how exactly I found it, but I did.

I did a tiny bit of reading, just enough to know that it's a completely RP based MUD. If you want to go out and kill stuff, that's fine go ahead, but don't expect much out of it, except maybe some nasty wounds - or at least a good workout :)

Character creation was fun. There's a fair bit of reading to do before you really get into the game (the website is the best place to look) but that's to be expected with almost any MUD, many of which have way more reading to do. I was greeted almost instantly upon entering the game, not triggers, but people actually noticing me and saying 'hi' to the newbie (i'm sure staff and Player Aid's have something that tells them when new people logon, but I don't know for sure).

Once you have finished character creation - which covers pretty much everything you will need for your character - you are put out into the world. It's not as scary as it could be, especially if you have played in a MUD before. It's fairly easy to make your way around town as there is a help command to bring up a map of the city. Also, the 'where' command gives you a good idea of where RP is going on at the time.

At this time the playerbase isn't huge, quite often during the day there are only a few people on, but that picks up later on. Even when there is hardly anyone on, there is almost always a Staff member or at least a PA. So any questions you have should be answered if you give them time to finish their emotes (the staff and PAs all RP - or almost all...?). The fact that the staff are fairly active as players certainly adds to the game. They want to fix bugs not just for you but themselves too. They also get a good view of what is going on, moreso than just by watching what everyone is doing, they are part of it.

Even when staff aren't playing they may still be there with you. They like to monitor what is going on, not to beat you down for saying the wrong thing (don't go breaking the simple, simple rules), but to reward you for exceptional things you may do. They also try to work with the players to advance self-made plots which is wonderful.

I could keep going I'm sure, but I'm starting to forget what I've already typed and it's just going to get messy. Anyway. If you like storytelling, detailed RP, your own plots, levelless and classless systems, and other... stuff... come to SS!

May, 17th 2005, Mud Connector Review by player: Keith

As far as MUD's go, this is the best I have played, and I mean I really love it! During the beginning, in the creation process there is a fair bit to learn, and it can be a little frustrating before you get used to it. You should read through the website's information, but I found that I picked it up rather quickly, and could get into roleplay pretty much straight away after that.

The staff are friendly, and so are the players. There is a nice OOC atmosphere, most of the time though, people stay IC. There is alot of roleplay, and you can very often find some within a few hours of logging on. If you are in the IC world, then you are considered IC, which I like, because it stops people from watching roleplay and not participating, and I find that annoying.

I like the way the players are allowed to pursue their goals without being dictated to at all by the Immortals on Shadowsiege. They even help, if neccesary, but I find that Shadowsiege has been made in such a way that it sustains itself alot more than other MUD's do. The battle system allows the player to gain points through roleplay which they can use to raise whatever statistics and skills they want. And no one is limited by what they can achieve if they put in the effort through roleplay. You do not have to go out hacking away at mobs in order to gain in your statistics. The MUD really is about roleplay, not about mob-slaying, and rewards roleplay thus.

The roleplay is in the form of detailed emotes, and the people I have played with have some interesting characters. You really do feel part of this world when you roleplay. There is code to back up your emotes, so there are no arguments over who can do what realistically, because they have to prove it.

There is a Forum as well, for Shadowsiege, and there you can discuss whatever ideas you have with other players and staff constructively. The staff do not seem to mind suggestions and actually listen to the players, unlike other places I could mention. They seem to be on the same wavelength as me, and are fair, so I am a happy roleplayer.

Shadowsiege is geared more towards adults because of it's potential violent and sexual content. I have not met any instances where any violence bothered me, because the players seem to respect each other enough not to type anything obscene. If you die, there is a chance to come back, but you lose health and other attributes as well as some points in skills. You can regain them of course, though. Death is a tough thing to do through on the game, but at least you get a second chance, which is good.

Shadowsiege has developed it's own unique storyline and religions, and races, it all comes together to make roleplay fun and interesting. You never know quite what is going to happen, it's fast paced with lots of things going on all the time to keep your mind occupied.

February, 2nd 2005, Mud Connector Review by player: Wesley

Shadow Siege is a new experience for me since I normally play hack and slash type muds. I have to say that the rpg experience is easy to get into; the players and staff are friendly and helpful(we all know how much of a plus that is). My only complaint so far has to do with how the game handles exp. See you get these points called Roleplay Points (RPP). You can exchange them for other things like gold and increases in Attr. and skills, but the only way to get these points is to interact with other players and sometimes finding other players to interact with is just a pain.

February, 2nd 2005, Mud Connector Review by player: Jaedar

My name is Jaeder, I'm a new resident of Telantha. Recently a darkness has swept my lands and I was forced to run here from my home town in Lessrha. Well, ever since the darkness came it's been a great adventure running back to Telantha. Since being here I've been extremely excited about life. I get to act however I want because there is no restriction on my actions, so long as it's physically possible(emotes/semotes being the basis of exp).

Before I came to AAgos, the planet I'm on now, I traveled around as a kid for 10yrs. I've been to planets everywhere in the galaxy (other muds) and found this to be my favorite and most imaginative planet yet. It's unique style has given me a chance to connect with myself better than any other place I have called home. I'm glad I don't have to spend hours killing pointlessly in order to advance my ability to forage for weeds. Here I can just be myself, go about my daily actions, and as I go, I learn more and more. It's fantastic!

It is a bit empty here at times, but most planets don't have people
around when I'm around(I'm usually on really late at night pacific standard time and usually no matter where I go there's only like 6 people on, heh), but I still find it enjoyable to roam around and act as freely as I can here. I am excited to keep exploring and adventuring, as I am still relatively new here -jaeder

ooc: it's very original style of emotes/semotes based experience is great. I like the fact that I can 'stab wildly at a goblins chest' or 'pinpoints the weaknesses of a goblins armor and lunges for the weak link under the breastplate' depending on what I think my character is skilled at... please come join this terrific mud... Best I've played in 10yrs!!

January, 17th 2005, Mud Connector Review by player: Azmodan

I'll start this review with a couple of warnings about Shadow Siege. First let me warn you that if you are looking for a game that will let you to run around and kill things at random, then you are in the wrong place. The second warning is that I have found that Shadow Siege when not taken in moderation can be habit forming. With all of that out of the way we can now get down to talking about the things that make Shadow Siege (SS) great.

SS puts an emphasis upon roleplaying that I have yet to find anywhere else (which is saying something since I have been playing RP based muds for 4 or 5 years). It uses an automated roleplaying award system that gives points for criteria set by the staff that can then be spent to do other things.

I think that by far the greatest asset to the mud is the willingness of the staff to work with the players. I have seen items created, plots run, and buildings destroyed (anyone who has done any building knows the effort that this deletes) all in the name of player generated roleplay.

So if you like what you hear stop by and see what Shadow Siege has to offer. I will probably be around when you do.

January, 16th 2005, Mud Connector Review by player: Iris

My second year at Shadow Siege is fast approaching, and the MUD itself has come as far along with its updates as I have with my Mudding skills.

Shadow Siege is great for those new to mudding, as I had been when I started. There are IC and OOC glossaries available on the site to quickly bring players up to speed on the setting and current situation or if something is forgotten along the way, and there are also well-written descriptions in the creation area to teach the basic commands.

Upon coming out of the character generation, you're very likely to be swept into a plot rather quickly, or Staff are frequently planning RP events which will involve and are designed to bring all willing players together. All players are newbie-friendly, and willing to offer some company in RP, or help with anything about the game. Staff and Player Aids are also very patient, helpful, and seek to draw you into any ongoing plots, or to bring you into knew ones. New code is going in nearly every day, and players' suggestions are always welcomed and appreciated to add even more unique features to the game.
Being both leveless and classless, you also need not worry about being hacked and slashed by more experienced players. Though there is violence involved in plots and vagabond types, efights are not a main focus. We are roleplay enforced and encourage creative writing while you play anything from a bard to a merchant, refugee, etc (Though optional, many players have also written some wonderful background stories!).

Bottom line, though, as I could write even more if you're not yet convinced...While getting a great playing experience playing SS, you'll also be making plenty of new friends. :) Most of us also speak off the MUD, and having that sort of familial friendship atmosphere on the MUD only heightens the positive experience further.

January, 16th 2005, Mud Connector Review by player: Chris

The first thing to note is that Shadowsiege is not for the casual MU*er. It is an RP enforced MUD (Though in a lot of ways, it more resembles a MUSH), and RP is taken very seriously. The system is class-less and level-less. It's done very well, leaving your character openended. Character advancement is gained solely through roleplaying. The code rewards characters based on the quality of their 'emotes' automatically once every hour. One gains little or nothing from combat with NPCs and Mobiles.

The playerbase is very friendly and helpful, as are the admin. There are a handfull of Player Aids to help newbies get acclimated to the environment. The players themselves often go to lengths to help get a new character involved in the game and whatever is going on.

The game itself is fairly stable, and does not crash too often. This is surprising since the game is still in 'beta.' Reboots are made for putting in new code and such.

The admin maintain a very active role in the game and the goings-on of the characters in their game. They enjoy playing as much as anyone else, so this just makes it even moreso.

Occasional admin-run RP events will happen as well. Sometimes they seem very carefully planned and thought out. Other times, they seem more winged and 'spur of the moment.' When these events work out well, it can make the players feel like their character is an integral part of the game world and contributing meaningfully to the overall story.

While much has been done with the venerable Circle 3.0 codebase (renamed to Draig), you can still sense its limitations lurking in the background. Considering the scope of what Shadowsiege tries to accomplish, Circle seems a poor choice. It creates a stark contrast to the beautiful and dynamic RP in the game by leaving a lot of things feeling too static. This can sometimes lead to a little bit of frustration if one is used to MUSH, MOO, or LP style play.

January, 16th 2005, Mud Connector Review by player: Alan Leightizer

Though I've been roleplaying since grade school and enjoy all types of RPGs on the computer, I've never been a big mudder. In the past I have joined them, spent some time wandering around, fought a few monsters, got killed a LOT, then logged off in boredom. Shadowsiege, though... Shadowsiege is different. Sure, I spent some time wandering around, fought a few monsters, got killed a lot (in the first few days).

But that isn't all you can do in Shadowsiege. Being a roleplay MUD, having your character tailored specifically for you by the Imms, having a plethora of background and map information (and a suitably sized world for the number of players who are usually on), Shadowsiege outsteps anything else I've played. Sure, the monsters you fight are generally few and far between, but that makes the ones you fight that much more memorable. One of the first things I did was bargain with a demonlord for the safe passage of my companions... who really gets to do that in their first week on a MUD?

Admittedly, I can't really compare the hundreds (thousands?) of MUDs I haven't played. But I can tell you what I know. The crafting system is easy to get a grasp of, and is being improved and shaped as the game goes on. Using crafting hours so that characters can't become one-person factory lines to create 1000 shirts in a day really adds to the realism of spending time as well as money, and new crafting items and options are still being added. Combat in most cases is between two actual people, both emoting turn for turn, with the code simply used as an arbiter of chance and skill. This applies between character vs. character combat, and most character vs. mob combat, since most of the creatures you come across would be puppeted anyway (being hunted by a pack of demon hounds is quite a bit more exhilarating when you KNOW there's some fell intelligence guiding their steps, rather than just a tangle of computer coded randomness.)

Because levels aren't used, your ability in the game exists mainly on how you roleplay your character. Every hour your character gains Roleplaying Points (RPP) depending on how much emoting and how much thinking you've done, and it is with these points that you increase your character's stats and skills. I prefer this to the old 'kill monsters, gain experience' route because while roleplaying (unless your character likes to tick people off, or you meet one of the few nasty characters) there's very little actual risk of your character perishing. As long as you roleplay, your character gets better. The best part is, the admins sometimes follow the more interesting conversations and are happy to reward the creation or continuation of interesting plotlines. I think this method of character advancement is the most ingenious and most rewarding I've ever come across.

All in all, I've been playing Shadowsiege longer than I've played most any other game. The people I've met are friendly, especially the admins: Mina, Cern and Daedelus, who are always willing to discuss character possibilities and help out new people. The Player Aids are top notch, and the world is constantly evolving in size, story, and code. It's great to log in one day and find out that the gazebo where you and your friends typically meet has been destroyed by a demon attack - I only wish I'd been there when it had happened. Events, like a masquerade to celebrate the King's coronation, and the occasional demon hunt keep things VERY interesting, and keep bringing people back.

Shadowsiege is great. Yeah. I think that's all I wanted to say.

November, 15th 2004, Mud Connector Review by current player: Dragondazd

In Shadow Siege, you do not develop by manipulating commands. The only feasible way to develop your character is through roleplaying. Instead of repetitive actions, advancement is fueled by the expression of your character through roleplaying.

This place is not just about using emotes. It’s not just about describing the details of your actions. It’s about using the language to convey the scene as vividly as possible. What sets Shadow Siege apart is the pursuit of creative writing, and this emphasis can be evident in the quality of the roleplay.

This must sound daunting, and I have to admit to you that it was certainly intimidating to me, but the longer I played, the more my writing improved in a matter of weeks, and it continues to do so. It was a lot easier because the players actively brought my new character into the world and made me feel as welcome and as important as any of the established players. I’ve never seen anything like it before. This is a truly closeknit community that is very open to new members.

What makes Shadow Siege truly outstanding is the participation of the staff in a vast array of capacities. Yes they are dedicated admin, available for help, have informed and friendly helpers, change code on a weekly, if not daily, basis, but they put a lot of love and effort into enhancing roleplay through devising plot devices, controlling NPCs, adding to the information players gain, and in many other ways of adding to the experience.

At one point, a character was imprisoned, so the staff went and started having the guards talk to her, and have things happen around her, trying to make the experience as interesting as possible despite the difficulty in spicing up a long stay in a cell. Their devotion to one player’s happiness really touched me.

I have had some incredible roleplaying experiences with both groups and individuals, and all the staff-assisted scenes I have seen have been elegant and powerful. My mind is racing even now as I think of the last scene I was in, and I can’t wait to see more of their art.

October, 24th 2004, Mud Connector Review by current player: Fydred

Seeing patients in real life doesn't leave me with very much time and yet I find myself spending 3 hours straight on Shadow Siege soaking in the beautifully written room descs, and engaging with the talented writers. Yes, I did say writers. The players in Shadow Siege are roleplayers at their finest. Crafting stories which draw you right into the thick of the action, you feel as if you are there in the thick of the action. And after just minutes of playing, you will feel at home. I promise. Not convinced? Read on.

Upon character creation I received no less that 4 'Hi Fydred's' with people giving friendly advice via the OOC channel. Popping out of creation I find myself in the very last city in the world that is beseiged by Darkness. RPing a wounded character new to the city, I stumbled into one of the largest inns in the city. Where Mirae (bless her kindhearted soul) helped me find my bearings and pointed me in the general direction of the city hospital.

Stumbling along, I met another friendly passerby who offered to help me to the hospital, whose help i politely declined. After all, a man has to try his best to walk on his own two feet doesn't he? Upon stumbling into the hospital, lo and behold i find a priestess who engaged in rp with me once again, where i had my injured leg propped up on a nice fluffy pillow and carefully looked at.

A devout fan of PK muds, be it GodWars or your typical hack And slash, I entered Shadow Siege because i was bored. Bored of the senseless killing, bored of the mindless leveling, only to remort, level and remort again. Shadow Siege has converted me. And it is at Shadow Siege, Fydred, the one-armed hunter turned vagrant has made his home.

Give Shadow Siege a try. Make sure you have a good few hours free though, because it will take you that long to tear yourself away from here.

October, 22th 2004, Mud Connector Review by current player: Utopia

I'd like to start off by saying Shadow Siege is a unique MUD. In fact, this game is much more like a MUSH than a MUD. On a MUD, you expect hack and slash, experience points, easy gains in spells, skills and 'levels'. This game has none of those, so if you are looking for a game with that, don't come here. However, unlike a MUSH, this game has skills and the ability to grow and learn as a character. Because your character growth relies on both roleplay and skills, this game is indeed a unique hybrid and a joy to play.

On the other hand, this game is realistic. Learning new skills and spells takes time and patience just as it would in real life. Your character doesn't have to be a warrior or a mage or some other easily defined class. In fact, if you want, you could be something as simple as a farmer or a cobbler. The skills system is indeed openended to support such a choice. Stats have real meaning as does the actual time you spend interacting with people.

From what I gather thus far, the point of the MUD is simply to live as your character would. Yes, there is the occasional intrigue, nasty murder, and battle (which is tedious and time consuming as real battles are), but if you wish, you can keep your nose out of it.
Character development and interaction are the most important things here. This is a MUD that you must play your role to gain knowledge and ability. That's right, the only way to advance is to roleplay. It's not easy, but it is rewarding.

As a whole, I have never found a MUD where you could actually play/be anything you wanted. I've never found a game with such rewarding roleplay. If you want to develop a character, this is the place for you. If you want to roleplay and grow, this is the place for you as well.

October, 21th 2004, Mud Connector Review by current player: Silmaril

Unlike many other reviews, I won't speak of myself (I rule, you don't, end of story), nor tell you how wonderful the staff is (though they give these wonderful foot massages every Tuesday, and the back rubs...They must have taken a special course for that). Nor I will tell you how great the other players are (nasty schemers, probably plotting behind my back right now).

What I will tell is that: First let me start by saying that if you're in for the hack 'n slash game like D&D, where your game play aspirations could be summarized as "I just killed a dragon and got a trillion gazillion XP", please, turn back and run.

If you want your character to be some-/thing/ (best warrior/mage/... etc), I don't think it's the right mud for you. If on the other hand, you want your character to be some-/one/, by all means, please read on.

If, and only if, you're looking for tons of /roleplaying/ in the purest sense of the word, if you feel so attached to the character you create that it could make you feel anger, hate, happiness and any other possible emotion as if your character is an actual part of you, if you enjoy one on one roleplaying - be it two lovers or two assassins plotting a murder as much as you enjoy roleplaying as part of a group, I have a door for you to step through.

Shadow Siege will allow you to create a character, which by definition of the world will be first and foremost a /personality/ in this world. Now, instead of raving on and on about how wonderful Shadow Siege is, I'll give you one little link. It's a link to the 'Blogs of Roleplay' of some of the players, you could see just how seriously people take their character in Shadow Siege. If you like what you see and feel you can and want to be a part of it, WELCOME.

October 5th, 2004, Blogs of Roleplay selected Deceit of the Amaranth as Blog of the Month!

"The October Blog of the month goes to Deceit of the Amaranth. A long-time preferred read of the Muse, this blog has a subtle yet elegant look and the content is superb. This is one classy blog and we recommend it for some quality reading."

September, 10th 2004, Mud Connector Review by current player: Jesmin

I have been playing in the MUD for nearly 8 years now. In that time, I've had the opportunity to glance over thousands, sample hundreds, and seriously considered dozens. Only a select few have had what it takes to truly make me feel as if I found an online home. Shadow Siege is one of those places.

After only a few weeks of playing, I feel as if I am already an integral part of the world and developing story that we, as characters, weave together. This may or may not be the case, but as we all know, it is the feeling of being important that matters, not the actual importance itself. A MUD that can take new players and quickly incorporate them is a rarity and not something that should be

I won't get into the features and code aspects of Shadow Siege, anyone interested can look that up fairly easily. What I hope to convey here is the strong sense of community and the vast potential that is available for both established players and newbies alike. While the MUD is still Beta, this is not a bad thing in the least. The immortals on Shadow Siege are some of the most accommodating and helpful I have ever experienced. They truly are trying to make a game based on the desires of the players, not only their unique vision of the game world. I urge anyone looking for a new cyberhome to check out Shadow Siege. You won't be disappointed.

August, 7th 2004, Mud Connector Review by current player: PapaBob

Shadow Siege is an intense roleplay mud that sets the players in a bad situation: the world is on the brink of destruction! Telantha is the last remaining city, and hope, for all civilization, the rest of the world covered in the Darkness. Now the players must decide what to do, whether they will help in the fight against the demons that dwell within the Darkness, or try to complete some personal goal and leave the heroics to some other hapless fool.

The Pros: roleplaying is an important, if not essential, part of this mud. The code automatically rewards players for their roleplay (based on the number of people that are in the same room and the emotes that are produced), so there is no need to wait for rewards, a wait that is common with a nomination or 'roleplay spy' system. The staff also work with the players to move plots forward: working with the staff extensively regarding an idea or scene that you have often has great results. Characters are also customizable, as there are no classes or levels. Hooked on the idea of a warrior and mage combined? It can be done. Interested in making that shady merchant, who deals in a variety of goods and sells potions on the side? That can be done as well. No two characters are the same, and one can never assume to know just what another person is capable of.

The Cons: if killing is your thing and leaving behind mountains of corpses as you chug healing juice turns you on, then Shadow Siege is not for you. There are few things that one can kill without (many) In Character consequences, and if one happens to die while fighting a foe... expect to really feel the pain. A downside to the character development on here is at worst a minor issue: it takes time. If you're looking to have the strongest wizard or the best warrior, expect to spend a long, long time working at your skills. Raising your attributes also take time, but at the very least you don't need to bring up a stat, say, five times in order to get any benefit out of it. Bringing up your strength one point does have an affect, just not an overly large one.

Overall, this is a mud that puts heavy emphasis on character development. There is little, if any, benefit to 'borging' (or the repetitive killing of mobiles for treasure and experience). If you're into heavy staff and player plots, then this is a good place for you to look.

August 6th, 2004, Blogs of Roleplay selected Arlena's Ephemeris as Blog of the Month!
First, the Elf Crew and I would like to congratulate our August Blog of the Month, Arlena's Ephemeris and our August Website of the month, Loky's ToD Tribute. We found Arlena's blog to be active, subtle yet sophisticated and it gives us an enjoyable read. Loky's website is packed full of information on a game he does not staff but cares enough for to make a tribute site.

July 11th, 2004,
Mud Connector Review by current player: Rojirr
I have been mudding for many years now, and have been an avid roleplayer for even longer. For years I had looked for a good RP Enforced MUD, one that allowed players to create and live the life of the character they wanted to play and not be held back by the predefined choices of the admin...I have finally found it.

Shadow Siege encompases a wide variety of features that make for the best RPing environment I, myself, have ever found. By far, I think the best feature of Shadow Siege is that you can create the kind of character you want to play. After sending in a background story for
your character, the admin will custom tailor your stats, and skills/spells to meet your characters needs, and for me this was done quite quickly.

Another feature that makes Shadow Seige so great is their auto-generated RPP (Roleplaying Points), which can be exchanged for many things, including learning points, and gold.

Both the players, and the admin are extremely friendly, and roleplaying with them comes easily. There are no limitations to what can be achieved or what your character can pursue. I would strongly encourage anyone seeking an enlightening RP experience to check out Shadow Siege. I guarantee you will not be disappointed!

July 6th, 2004,
Mud Connector Review by current player: Athanasios
This is a mud for roleplayers, first and foremost. Roleplayers will find themselves feeling very at home here. Shadow Siege has a fun, unique atmosphere to it, and I find the feel of the world which has been created here very suiting for a great rp environment.

Players will find themselves in the city of Telanthas, the last surviving city in the world, the rest being overrun by demonic invasion. The mud features skills that cater to diverse needs, from combat, to stealth, to crafting and extracting materials.

One of the greatest things I found about Shadow Siege was the staff. They were immediately warm and welcoming, and get an A+ on player interaction. Upon writing a backstory and submitting it, players will find their skills and attributes set by an immortal to match their unique history.

If you like to roleplay, come by and check this continuously growing mud out, you will not regret it. Get in now and become one of the first heroes of Telantha!

July 5th, 2004,
Mud Connector Review by current player and past staff: Claire
I was on the original staff for SS way back when (about a year ago, actually, so not really way back when) and helped piece together some of the world. After a few months, I took an extended break from the game, but upon my return I was amazed to see how quickly and seamlessly the implementors were handling the game.

The classless, levelless system is terrific because of its flexibility, but the modifiers that are in (and the ones that are planned) allow for a varied character base. For example, a 'profession' is selected at creation, making a few talents and skills easier to obtain, without limiting character development.

I think the MUD's good for starting, as well. It's not combat or quest oriented, and new players have a fairly easy time jumping into the role-playing. The MUD has a player aid crew, as well as detailed instructions upon creation and useful helpfiles. The staff is resposive and ever-present, making play experience smooth and enjoyable.

July 5th, 2004,
Mud Connector Review by current player: Arlena
This mud is very different from any other I have played. The world, although at the point in time at which I am writing it is unfinished, is highly detailed and lends itself to the avid explorer. Although not overly large, it is big enough at this time to allow players plenty of adventures if they wish for them! RolePlaying is enforced very effectively with a straightforward point and reward system.

The main attraction of ShadowSiege, for me, is that it is a highly diverse atmosphere - the focus on RP instead of levels and classes makes it highly adaptable for any type of player. You can have a job, a trade, a house, fight, kill, heal and spend everyday life just how you wish - there are no boundaries limiting the decisions you can make, or the path you can walk. All equipment is saved, and gold can be earnt in a variety of ways - including by earning RolePlayPoints for the amount of RP you take part in.

Moreso, the staff are friendly and approachable, and are always willing to help - you can submit a background story for you char from the website, and an imm will tailor your skills to it.

All in all this is an immensly versatile game, which should be tried by everyone.

Good Luck!

June 30th, 2004,
Mud Connector Review by current player: Jason
Shadow Siege is a highly RP intensive mud with an enjoyable setting. The world and code are constantly undergoing changes, but the staff are trying to make the transitions as smooth as possible. They are also more then willing to help anyone out with any problem that might arise, doing so in a very friendly and professional manner.

The mud is both classless and level-less, with skills currently based on use and RP. There are many new things planned for the mud, with new content going in on a regular basis.

February 2nd, 2004,
Blogs of Roleplay selected Shadow Siege as Website of the month and Zarika's Blog as Blog of the Month
"Congratulations to Zarika on Blog of the Month and to Shadow Siege for Website of the month! Woo!"

August 18th, 2003,
Mud Connector Review by past player and staff: Garvin
Shadow Siege is a friendly roleplaying environment that focuses on the need of the players. The staff members are extremely considerate when it comes to players' issues and concerns. There are no preset linear plots that are designed. The world is built upon an open end where the players decide the outcome of events by their course of actions. At this time, the mud is still in beta stage. There are already some prominent custom modifications that have been applied. This includes: crafting/fishing/foraging skills, custom player races and vampire night/day code. I believe what makes the mud great is not just the fancy code but the people. If you are looking for an enjoyable RP mud with friendly people and atmosphere, come and give Shadow Siege a look.