August 26, 2004

IC Glossary

[Note: For more detail on gods and religion, see the religion section on the website, or 'help gods' in-game.]

Aagos - The planet on which we dwell; the world.

Annwn - City of the Dead, ruled by the goddess Morhiag; the underworld. Annwn is described as being surrounded by a maze of great thorns, and lies on the far side of the river Leath.

Cataclsym - A phenomena that obliterated Mount Yar and the city-state of Yarsin, proceeding the Darkness.

Cumaill - Cumaill I, first king of Viroth; born Cumaill Talen; ordered construction of Cumaill's Wall.

Cumaill's Wall - High, stone structure that spans the entire southern border of Viroth; raised to defend against further aggression from the Tyen Empire after the Second Invasion.

Darkness, the - An effect of the Cataclysm; a distant, opaque canopy that is believed to have covered the whole world (with the current exception of Telantha) and causes eventual mutation of life-forms that dwell beneath [see 'Demons'].

Demons - Life-forms thought to be mutated by way of the Cataclysm; extremely dangerous, thought to be completely mad without ability to reason.

Dryth - Term for a person of any race 'touched' by Melchior at birth, believed to have mystical powers. Very little about the Dryth is confirmed by the Dryth themselves, as they tend to hold company in secret societies.

Duke, the - Duke Robert Telan; current feudal lord of Telantha, and commonly perceived to be next in line for the Virothian throne - if not, at the very least a sure candidate.

Guard, the - Common term for the Telanthan City Guard, a division of Duke Telan's Second Infantry Army; formed for the policing and protection of Telantha proper; post-Cataclysm: the largest organization of the Virothian military. The Guard is a volunteer army, and does not practice conscription.

House of Kin - Archaic Tyeni term for Vek'pem Ahrye.

House of Tye - See 'Tyen Empire'.

King, the - Cradoc II, King of Viroth. Currently, the aging King Cradoc rules from a sickbed in the Duke's manor.

Noble - A person of the ruling class. In Viroth, noble families own and govern all land under the king, serving as the machinations of a feudal government (judges, governors, generals, lawmakers, etc). In theory, nobles guide, protect and bring order to common civilization. In turn, peasants (any one who isn't nobility) surrender to nobles their respect and obedience. It is against Viroth law for a peasant to act or speak aggressively towards nobility, no matter the circumstances.

Plague, the - Believed to be a suedo-magical sickness that causes violent delusions, mutilation, and ultimately death. As of yet, there is no widespread cure. Theoretically, it is contracted by the exchange of blood or other bodily fluids.

Telantha - Second largest city in the Kingdom of Viroth, pre-Catalsym; post-Cataclysm, the last known surviving city in the world. Set roughly in southern Viroth; famed for the site of the Temple of the Great Dragon.

Temple, the - The Temple of the Great Dragon, in Telantha; considered to be one of the wonders of the world, and home of the Church of the Golden Faith, a Cymuric sect.

Temple Guard - A militaristic branch of the Church of the Golden Faith.

Tyen Empire - Founded by Hejdedros from a collection of all Tyeni tribes in Daar; historically aggressive: by its peak, the empire ruled 3/4ths of the known world, though has declined greatly since; considered first Great Power; known also as the House of Tye.

Vek'pem Ahrye - A mythical or legendary group of mortals-turned-immortal by some divine curse. The specifics of Vek'pem Ahrye mythos vary greatly culture by culture, but most agree that Vek'pem Ahrye continue their existence off the lives of their mortal victims, and are rumoured to be eternal enemies of the Dryth.

Viroth - A region in the relative north of Idas colonized by Human and Skrel'eth. Viroth is mostly green, rolling hills and deciduous forests. The pre-Cataclysmic population lived mostly in small farming villages - thought there were a few larger cities.

Viroth, Kingdom of - Founded by Cumaill I as a collection of petty human states throughout Viroth, considered second Great Power; a feudal kingdom headed by four main houses or families who hold non-constitutional ownership of all land; Cymur, patron deity.

Viroth Alliance - Political pact between The Kingdom of Viroth, the Skrel'eth clans of Urgat, most Tir tribes in Idas, the petty Human kingdoms of the Llayaue, and (for a brief time) the city-state of Yarsin. The pact was formed in an attempt to slow the aggression of the Tyen Empire, after the Second Invasion (or Cymur's War).

Yarsin - Region in the Near East of Aagos, south and east of Viroth. Home to large tribes of nomadic Tir; sight of Yarsin-on-the-mountain.

Yarsin, city of - aka Yarsin-on-the-mountain; massive city-state built on Mount Yar, centre of trade in the known world (pre-Cataclysm).