August 19, 2004

OOC Glossary

Aggro - An aggressive NPC; An NPC which attacks a PC on sight.

AFK - "Away from keyboard".

Attributes - Values determining how strong a character's body, reflexes, or mind is. The attributes in ShadowSiege are strength (STR), agility (AGL), dexterity (DEX), constitution (CON), intelligence (INT), wisdom (WIS), and psyche (PSY).

Background - A summery of a character and their pre-game life; an IC bio. If you submit a background for your character during or after character creation, the staff will equip that character with appropriate stats and skills. It is highly recommended. Submit backgrounds to

BRB - "Be right back".

Channel - A particular game system which allows players or characters to communicate between themselves, Esp. ones that everyone in the game can 'hear' (the ooc channel, the newbie channel, etc.).

CharGen - "Character Generation"; The place or time of character creation; The act of creating a new character, or the part of the game mechanics which does so.

Character - The fictional person who's role is being played.

Circle - The game from which Shadow Siege's code is derived from.

Code - The actual C/C++ program which makes up the game; a system of game mechanics ('the combat code'); hard-set rules that PCs and NPCs must adhere to; (Also: the code-base)

Codely - Performing an action via a game command; something done by the game mechanics (Esp. OOC).

Code Kill - The act of killing a character via game mechanics (as opposed to simply deciding that a character is dead; The opposite of 'emote kill'; [Note: This is archaic; all PC death is done by code-killing on ShadowSiege, though with less spam than by most MUDs.]

Combat - The system of game mechanics used when one PC or NPC does anything aggressive to another; The system used to define the outcome of an aggressive action (combat itself is an OOC concept, though the fight between characters is IC).

Controller - See 'player'.

Emote - Game command; Used to describe the actions of a character. If a character is hidden, their player should use the 'hemote' command, because it echoes only to people that can see them.[Note: emotes are the preferable method for IC communication.]

Emotely - Performing an action with the emote command; Describing an action that a character performed via the emote command; something a character does which is not backed by the actual game code or mechanics ("I'll emote it; I'll do it emotely").

IAW - "In another window"; the player is doing something else on their computer, and not paying attention to the game.

IC - "In Character"; Having to do with one's character, or the in-game world; (adverb 'ICly')

IRL - "In Real Life"; the real world.

Mischan - The act of using the wrong channel to communicate something, Esp. by mistake; (Also: xchan, mis-chan)

Mob - See 'NPC'.

Mobbing - The act of killing an (or multiple) NPC(s) for no other reason but to enhance one's character; Killing an NPC for any OOC reason (like boredom, for example). [Note: Mobbing is not legal play on Shadow Siege; NPCs should be treated as if they were PCs, where it is applicable.]

Newbie - A player new to the game; (Also: newb [not nice])

NPC - "Non-Player Character"; Any role being played by the game mechanics (AI), or by a staff member (esp. for use as a tool); (Also: mob, mobile, ahab [not often used], puppet, monster)

OOC - "Out Of Character"; Having to do with the actual players, the actual mechanics of the game, or the physical act of playing the game; being real, acting as oneself, and not the character; (adverb 'OOCly')

©Linda Bergkvist

PA - See "Player-Aid".

PC - "Player Character"; Any character being played by any player.

PermDeath - Permanent Death; The final and absolute death of a character; As opposed to reincarnation or respawning; A system in which characters die once and permanently.

PFile - The physical file on the game server which holds a character and their information.

PK - "Player Kill"; The act of one PC killing another (PKed, PKing); Esp. illegally [Note: ShadowSiege allows PKing only when it makes sense for one character to kill another. That is to say, the aggressive player needs to have an IC reason as to why their character is killing another. Insanity is not usually a good plea.]

Player - The physical player involved in the game; the real person behind a character; (Also: controller)

Player Aid - A player who helps other players, esp. newbies. PAs have access to some building commands, do renames, and remind people of the rules when they have to. PAs come up gold on the who list.

Pose - Game command; used to describe what a character is doing in a room - or where a character is in that room - in context of another character walking in and seeing them.

Rename - A custom-made item that cannot be bought in stores. Renames are assumed to have been purchased, made, or otherwise acquired by characters when the code does not permit. Therefore, they usually cost RPP and/ or gold. PAs (and sometimes staff members) do renames.

Roll - A random dice roll, esp. of a particular range. Dice rolls are simulated by the game mechanics, and are usually not seen (except for the result); to 'roll up a character'; character creation (See CharGen).

RP - "Role Playing"; The act of a player pretending to be a character; thinking and acting like that character, and not like the player might; Acting.

RPP - "Role-play Point(s)"; The preferred system of enhancing a character on ShadowSiege. RPP is given out automatically by the game while a player plays, and manually by the staff on merit. The game passes out RPP to players every fifteen minutes, based on the number and size of emotes and thinks, and how many other characters are in the room with them.

RPPXchange - Game command; used to spend RPP on higher attributes, skills, or more gold (given a wage).

Skills - Values determining what things a character knows how to do, and how well they can do them.

Spam - Flooding other people's screens with unsightly text, esp. by typing the same thing over and over. OOC spam will get people angry with you very quickly, and IC spam is against the rules.

Staff Member - The game-masters and administrators of ShadowSiege. Staff members are also players, at times. They know when the difference occurs, hopefully.

Stats - See 'attributes'.

Tell - A special channel that can only be heard between two players, like a private message. You can reply to a tell simply by using the 'reply' command (e.g., 'reply [text]'); (Note: Any chatter or information which goes over the tell channel -must- always be OOC in nature).

Wage - A character's income, in gold. The staff will set this when a back story for that character is submitted, or when a character gets hired by an NPC, or when a similar situation occurs. See 'RPP, RPPXchange.

Where list - A list of all the characters in the game who are in public rooms; a useful tool to find RP. You can get it by typing 'where'. Character's that are in non-public places (e.g., their homes, or in a jail cell) do not show up.

Who list - A list of everyone that's online. You can get it by typing 'who'.

Wimpy - Game command; used to define when a PC will flee automatically.

World - The in-game world; the IC world.

XChan - See 'mischan'.