Virothian Timeline

2000th year of Antiquity : Supposed date of creation.

1300th - 1000th year of Antiquity : Age before Apocalypse: prehistory, myths and rumours.

800th - 700th year of Antiquity : Apocalypse; continents separate, races tend to be localized on their own, smaller continents.

700th - 650th year of Antiquity : Age of seclusion, races isolate themselves - forcefully, if they have to.

600th year of Antiquity : Agriculture Age, societies re-form, Humans on Heas, Skrel'eth on Tarkas, Tyen on Daar, and Elves on Icos.

570th year of Antiquity : Humans invent sailing, migrate to Tarkas and Tassik.

560th year of Antiquity : Skrel'eth attempt to repel Humans from Tarkas; First Human/Skrel'eth war begins.

530th year of Antiquity : Tir Migrate to Idas.

500th year of Antiquity : Bronze Age, Hejdedros becomes Tye I, first emperor of the House of Tye. Tyen people accept expansion policy, claim Idas.

480th year of Antiquity : Skrel'eth build ships, Second series of war with Humans. Humans cover Heas and Tassik.

400th year of Antiquity : Iron Age, Tyen and Tir meet in Yarsin, initiate trade, coexistence.

320th year of Antiquity : Humans discover a new metal on Tarkas which the Skrel'eth call Sky Stone, wars with Skrel'eth slowly give way to trade.

200th year of Antiquity : Tyen Empire begins series of campaigns, conquering Tir on Idas, Elves on Icos

130th year of Antiquity : Age of Expansion, Skrel'eth and Humans form permanent truce, some Skrel'eth trickle into Tassik and Heas

80th year of Antiquity : Pre-Modern Age, Human/Skrel'eth colonize Viroth on Idas, Skrel'eth tend to migrate north, to Urgat

30th year of Antiquity : Tyen Empire moves against Human settlements along Viroth border, Cumaill rallies petty kings of southern Viroth under his banner, gives the Tyeni a resounding defeat.

1st year of Cumaill I's reign : Cumaill I is crowned first King of Viroth, wins fealty of northern petty kings and Skrel'eth tribes, expanding the Kingdom of Viroth to the border of Urgat. Viroth and most clans in Urgat ally in a second war against the House of Tye.

18th year of Cumaill I's reign : All clans in Urgat now considered one nation. Urgat and Viroth enter into pact, founding the Viroth Alliance. Alliance and Tyen Empire form non-aggression pact, Viroth builds wall along southern border.

32nd year of Cumaill I's reign : Cumaill I dies peacefully from natural causes, the throne is appointed to his eldest son, Cumaill II (despite worries that he shows no interest in the throne.) Cumaill I’s death triggers the breakdown of the non-aggression pact between the Viroth Alliance and the Tyen Empire.

3rd year of Cumaill II's reign : Tyeni conquer independent city-state of Yarsin-on-the-mountain, in Yarsin.

8th year of Cumaill II's reign : House of Tye launches massive campaign north, full invasion of Viroth. Cumaill II is blamed by many for the poor state of Viroth’s defenses and is killed publicly by his brother, Hiegan, who then claims the throne. Urgat nation expands to Imet and Epos.

12th year of Hiegan I's reign : Despite Hiegan's efforts and strong leadership the Viroth Alliance suffers strategic defeats, Cymur intervenes, crushing Tyeni army. Alliance regroups, presses south.

14th year of Hiegan I's reign : Skrel'eth route Tyeni at Epos, start Tir revolt there, carry battle to Elven Icos. Tyeni lose Icos to second revolt.

20th year of Hiegan I's reign : Skrel'eth invade Sron, drive southwest to meet Viroth Alliance in Yarsin. Yarsin-on-the-mountain liberated, inducted into Viroth Alliance. Combined armies drive south, split Tyeni empire in half; Western Empire capitol remains Musahyet in Daar, Eastern Empire capitol named Ors in Sron.

21st year of Hiegan I's reign : Viroth Alliance conquers, occupies Yarsin. Empire signs second non-aggression pact. As per treaty, all Imperial Tyeni in Sron and Yarsin relocated to Lesshra. Skrel'eth pushes for Alliance to demand the release of Elves from subjugation - agreement is reached that any Elf or Tir citizens in Sron can remain rather than be evacuated. All Tir accept, however a surprising majority of Elves choose to be evacuated to the Empire.

39th year of Hiegan I's reign : Hiegan I dies of a sickness in his old age, the last years of his life spent ruling from his sick-bed. Viroth mourns, the throne passes to Hiegan's only son—Strahdech.

11th year of Strahdech's reign : Greater wall erected between Yarsin and Lesshra, Tir tribes join Alliance; Icos declares itself neutral, subscribes to isolation policy.

27th year of Strahdech's reign : Eastern Tyeni Empire falls to civil war, most Tyeni succeed to Western Empire, leftovers become independent city-states. Strahdech dies in mysterious circumstances, many believe him to have been assassinated, fingers point to the noble house Hadeen which has risen suspiciously quickly through the ranks and now stands amongst the most powerful noble houses. The throne passes to Eidyn, Strahdech’s youngest child (the two eldest children being girls.)

18th year of Eidyn's reign : Restored House of Tye moves against the independent states, Viroth Alliance - except Yarsin-on-the-mountain - intervenes. Yarsin (city) kicked out of Alliance for failing to send troops. Yarsin declares itself neutral. Hostilities eventually ebb between Alliance and Empire.

23rd year of Eidyn's reign : Age of Enlightenment, general peace. Trade picks up between Alliance and Tyeni Empire. A sword is commissioned by Eidyn to symbolize the strength and endurance of his Kingdom. The most renowned smiths, magi and artisans are contracted from all over Aagos to work it.

25th year of Eidyn's reign : The sword is finally completed and is christened 'The Blade of Lannen'. The blade is forged from pure Sky Stone and decorated in runes, the hilt bejeweled and set with Kha Crystals. It is said that the blade can cut through almost any material. A special viewing gallery is constructed in the west wing of Eidyn's palace, allowing any of his subjects to come and view the blade, which is considered a national treasure.

38th year of Eidyn's reign : Eidyn, growing old summons his eldest son, Hiegan II, to the throne room one night, he has with him the Blade of Lannen. With his son before him, and in front of aids and onlookers Eidyn lifts the blade and sets the tip against his stomach and says simply, "You will be King now," and pulls the blade up into his chest. Once more Eidyn shows his kingdom his strength, and the ritual of the sword becomes the adopted way of ascendancy to the throne.

1st year of Hiegan II's reign : Hiegan II commissions a suite of armour be fashioned from Sky Stone, to compliment his fathers blade. This too, is put on display with the Blade of Lannen as a national treasure.

16th year of Hiegan II's reign : A virulent plague breaks out in northern Viroth, herbalists and healers are at a complete loss as to the source or any means of curing the malady. Many of the northern cities are sealed under quarantine. Against the advice of his many advisors, the king along with his family (wife and one young son) do not leave the capitol city, Vir, which has been infected. His choice to remain with his people in this manner is widely believed to have averted many riots and possible rebellion from the affected population. Hiegan II's wife dies of the plague, however he and his son remain healthy. A cure is discovered later in the year and the quarantine is lifted from the affected cities.

20th year of Hiegan II's reign : In a highly controversial move, Hiegan II cements the bonds between the Skrel'eth and Humans by taking for a bride the daughter of the most respected and powerful Skrel'eth warlord. There are mixed feelings from many of his Human subjects, but he is welcomed as family in the warlords tribe and relations with the Skrel'eth people as a whole benefit greatly.

38th year of Hiegan II's reign : The king passes the throne to his only son, Roberht II, in the same manner that it was passed to him from his father.

Early in the 6th year of Roberht II's reign : Kingdom of Viroth begins initial campaign against Yarsin (city), but is interrupted when Yarsin is obliterated by unknown forces (aka the Cataclysm). Darkness begins to spread from the mountain.

In the middle of the 6th year of Roberht II's reign : All of known world covered by Darkness, refugees huddle into major cities.

At the end of the 6th year of Roberht II's reign : Telantha, in Viroth, is protected by an unknown sphere of power which disrupts the Darkness covering it. Refugees pour into Telantha from Yarsin, and from Vir, the Viroth capitol. Telantha named new capital of Kingdom of Viroth.

7th year of Roberht II's reign : Sphere expanded to cover outlying fields and forests; Modern age begins.

10th year of Roberht II's reign : Roberht passes away after battling illness for the last few years of his life, and with him dies the Lannen noble house. Rule of the Kingdom passes to the head of the Telan noble house, the Duke Robert of Telantha. Land is redistributed and new bonds are formed between the remaining noble houses during the commendation ceremonies.