Real Life Time Shadow Siege Time
40 min 1 hour (60 minutes in 1 hour)
1 hour 1 hour & 30 min
16 hours 1 day (24 hours in 1 day)
1 day 1 day & 12 hours
5 days & 8 hours 1 week (8 days in a week)
1 week 1 week, 2 days, 12 hours
3 weeks, 8 hours 1 month (4 weeks in one month)
24 weeks, 2 days, 16 hours 1 year (8 months in one year)
1 year 2 years, 1 day, 11 hours, 30 minutes

Days of the Week

This following is the name and order of the weekdays. Though only the first two have significance, the others were decided to roughly follow the phases of life. Thus, Ylessa, being the Goddess of rebirth governs the day that starts the week (the birth of the week) and Morhiag, the Goddess of Death ends the week (the death of the week).

Originally the days were named after the Gods and were simply "Ylessa's Day", "Sykala's Day" etc, etc. But over time the words began to be pronounced more swiftly and certain syllables were lost, as is common with an evolving language and by the time that writing was discovered the words were written (and pronounced) as:

Yelsday - Named for Ylessa - Goddess of Fertility and Rebirth
Sycaday - Named for Sykala - God of the Earth and Hunting
Blooday - Named for Balor - God of War and Conquest
Elday - Named for Elbahn - God of Wealth and Luck
Melday - Named for Melchior - God of Knowledge and Wisdom
Camday - Named for Cymur - God of Guardianship and Tradition
Morday - Named for Morhiag - Goddess of Chaos and Death


During the Spring months, the days start to lengthen, the sun becoming brighter and more influential with each passing. First light occurs around seven when the sun appears above the darkening to the East, and ends when the sun sets at eight towards the West.

Save for harvest time, these months are some of the busiest for the farmers of Talentha, with everyone at work planting the produce needed to sustain them throughout the Winter months.

The first planting is celebrated with fertility festival, the primary ingredient in the celebration being ale, with various breweries and individuals competing for the prize of Telantha's finest.

At this time of year, the sun is at it's highest point, and the least influenced by the circle of darkening that surrounds Telantha. Morning starts early, with first light appearing at near six. And evening is long, with the last rays of light disappearing beneath the darkening at around nine.

The crops grown in the Spring months are in full growth, and nearing the end of the Summer months, are readying to be harvested.

Throughout this period, summer festivals are held, and various celebrations are had to keep the peoples spirits uplifted, accumulating with a grand feast on the longest day.

Harvesting begins, with every available hand working long hours against the clock, to ensure that every viable produce is stored away in Telantha's grainery for the long months of Winter.

The days have already started to shorten considerably. First light appearing around seven, and the day coming to a close at eight.

The end of the harvest is, of course, celebrated and begins with a parade down Telantha's main streets. The cities militia appearing dressed in full uniform, and walking proud before the crowds, eventually arriving in the cities square where the celebrations, music and dancing begins.

At this time of the year, the days are short. Shorter than before the darkening, with the sun appearing for only a few hours in the sky before setting over the edge of the shade to the West. At the shortest time of year, daybreak occurs at ten and night fall at five.

They are also the most dangerous time of the year with the attacks upon the city and the outlying areas by the demons becoming more frequent, tying the city guard and all available people up as they fight to protect the very existance of Telantha. Deaths are common. And at the moment, the fight is often a losing battle.

For the people of Telantha, this time is often fulled with long nights in front of the fires of the local taverns, relating stories and listening to others tell tales. Fierce competitions for the story teller of the week are common, with prizes ranging from a free drink to even, it is rumoured, the much sought after magical items of Telantha.