Creating An Account

Remember: You may not own more than one account. If there are multiple people creating accounts from the same ip address/computer, permission must be obtained from a staff member PRIOR to the second account being created.

  1. You should be presented with a menu like the following. Select option 2 to create a new account.

  2. You will next be asked to select an account name. This is your OOC name, not the name of your character. It will appear on the public OOC channels. Remember, offensive names are not allowed. This includes rude, profane, or vile words in any form. It also includes racial slurs, sexually offensive terms and references to anatomy.

  3. It will display back to you the name you have selected. If it is correct, select Y. If not, select N for no and re-enter it.

  4. Due to the content of Shadow Siege, you must be over the age of 18 to be able to play. You will enter your date of birth. If you are found to be below 18, or if a staff member suspects such, you may find yourself removed without warning.

  5. In order for us to contact you in the event of a server shift, or the mud going down, or issues regarding your character, we require our characters to supply a valid email address. This email address is also used to send you your password.

  6. The information you have entered thus far will be displayed back to you. You will have the option of confirming the information or if anything is incorrect, going back to edit it. If the information is correct enter Y.

    You have now created your account, your password should arrive at the address you supplied shortly. If after an hour, it still has not arrived, contact one of the staff members.