F A Q s

1. What does levelless mean?
In many games, both muds and graphical, your character progresses by rising in numerical levels. Many of you would of seen this on such games as Baldurs Gate or Neverwinter Nights where your character might be termed as being a level 10 fighter, or a level 35 priest.

In Shadow Siege, your character can progress in his abilities or in skills, his or her attribute points can increase, however there is no classification of a character being a certain level. The main reason for this is for a role-playing game, this would not be overly in character. Would you go up to your friends and say, "I'm a level 1 baker"? Likely not, however you might say, "I'm qualified as a Master Baker."

2. What does classless mean?
Rather than trying to fit everyone into inflexible classes, we are a classless system. This means that instead of having to pick being a thief, fighter or mage, you can play a rogue that dabbles in a bit of magic, or a fighter that occasionally does high-way robberies. You are limited not by unrealistic class boundaries but rather by what is IC for your character and what skills he or she qualifies for.

3. So how do I improve my character?
You can improve your characters skills either through roleplay or by using them. You can also increase your characters attributes through roleplay.

Whilst you roleplay you'll notice that you'll collect roleplay points approximately every fifteen minutes based on the quality of your roleplay. These points can be spent on a number of things including attributes, skills and gold.

4. How can I see what skills I have?
The command to see what skills you have is skills.

It's syntax is as follows:

skills [group: combat/magic/craft/extraction/misc/stealth]

For example: skills magic

This will show you all the skills you have currently in white and all the skills you are able to learn in light grey. If you add the word full on the end it will also display all the skills you do not yet qualify for in dark grey.

5. How can I tell how advanced I am in a skill?
You will notice the information using the skills command appears much like this:

haggle            (capable)            ********--

The first word is the name of the skill. The second word in brackets is how good you are in the skill. The stars show you how long you have to go until you progress to the next level in it.

6. What's RPP?
RPP is short for role-playing points. These are accumulated automatically while you roleplay. Your roleplay is judged by the length of your emotes, your grammar, punctuation, the number of people role-playing and whether you are using the think command.

7. How do I use RPPxchange?
To exchange your rpp's in for gold, simply type in: rppxchange gold. The amount of gold you acquire will be based upon your wage. To exchange your rpp's for an attribute type: rppxchange attribute, ie: rppxchange str. And lastly, to exchange your rpp for a point in a skill, type: rppxchange skill 'skill name', ie: rppxchange skill 'dual wield'.

8. How can I target someone with my emote?
You can target someone with your emote by putting a # in front of the keyword. For example:

emote smiles at #human.

9. Where can I find a map?
Within the game there are two help files with maps in them. Help Telantha and help Geography. On the website under the World section are more detailed maps of the continent.

10. What happens when I die?
Death, whilst not permanent in the first instance on Shadow Siege, does come with a considerable amount of penalties - both to the character physically, mentally and ICly. Repeated death can result in it being permanent.

When death occurs, your character is transferred to a dark misty place where they remain for approximately one hour. This time passes whether the character is on, or off line.

Once the one hour has passed, your character will be transferred to a room in the temple. Your character will be ICly very weak. This is represented by the fact that your health, mana and stamina is reduced.

Your character will also have lost a small percentage of up to 3 attributes. This represents the permanent drop in health acquired
from death. You can, of course, raise these back up again using role play points (see help RPP).

Your character will have also lost several hours worth of memory. This doesn't come back without staff intervention - in an either IC or OOC manner. Your character will also of likely lost any equipment and gold they were carrying (hence the importance of using a bank). Once you are returned from the mists, think about how in character it is for your character to suddenly run across town to the place they died (despite the fact they are not supposed to remember this) and pick up their things.

Death is supposed to be harsh and be something that most people -attempt- to avoid. The experience, for most, is quite painful and certainly once experienced once, is something most people try to avoid with a passion.

11. How can I tell how good my equipment is?
The best way to determine which piece of equipment is better is simply to use common sense. A steel sword is going to be better than an iron sword because steel is a much stronger and sharper metal. A chainmail suit will offer much better protection than a leather vest, etc.

12. I'm in a room full of people, but no one is talking to me. What should I do?
I find a good way to get into roleplay is to often do something to gather their attention, this can be something as simple as walking past someone and accidentally stepping on their feet or falling into them, or asking someone for directions.

With new characters I often try to think of a way to get involved in roleplay before entering the Inn... for example, I'll work out exactly why my character is in the Inn that eve - ie, to meet someone. And then from that determine how my character can get involved with others - the person not turning up so my character would then ask others in the Inn if they'd seen this person. Just an example to give you an idea of the things you can do.

13. I've heard the mention of a couple of deities. What is Shadow Siege's religious system like?
There are numerous gods and due to the fact that many of the gods have walked recently amongst men, there are very few 'unbelievers'. Some people devote themselves to only one god, some worship several.

14. How can I make some money?
There are a number of ways to make money. You can gather herbs and sell them in the shops, chop wood and sell them at the carpenter, create potions and sell them, catch fish make fish-stew and sell that.. sew items, craft leather, the list is almost endless!

If you'd rather not make money through the crafting system, you can also use rppxchange gold to acquire gold that your character might earn with a wage.