Once a thriving metropolis, the city-state of Yarsin (or Yarsin-on-the-mountain) was obliterated in the cataclysm. The city lies southeast from Telantha, in the region of the same name, outside Cumaill's Wall. Built along the crest and north face of Mount Yar, Yarsin overlooked a number of farms and villages spread over the Fveol Plain, counting them under its banner. From these, and from within the city's walls, survivors and refugees poured north into Viroth, who's king gave them begrudging admittance; Yarsin and the Kingdom of Viroth have known a troubled history, and the two nations tend to hold differing ideologies.

Yarsin was governed, mostly, by a representative democracy and was motivated highly by trade. It was a city of artisans, merchants and capitalists, a conduit of trade between the Empire of the House of Tye and the Kingdom of Viroth - each of whom, at times, held the city-state in contempt. Viroths primarily contend that Yarsin was a writhing, immoral slum, a den of high-brow thieves, while Imperial Tyeni felt superior in their traditions and higher culture.

Yarsin was founded two generations before the Kingdom of Viroth in the heart of a network of trade routes which linked the South to the North to the East. The city thrived after inventing the banking system, hoarding away precious metals and gems safely in the bowls of their mountain to back their paper currency. The wealth of Yarsin-on-the-mountain tended to ease racial tensions, making it a welcoming home for ambitious Humans, developing Tir, and un-Housed Tyeni alike.

In the first Imperial Tyeni campaign against Viroth (the First Invasion), Yarsin was conquered by Emperor Al'yvat as a secondary prize. The city was occupied by Imperial forces until they withdrew at the failure of the Second Invasion (known as Cymur's War, in Viroth). After the dust had settled, Yarsin-on-the-mountain was inducted into the Viroth Alliance. Peace between the city and the Kingdom of Viroth did not last long; shortly after, during the Third Invasion, Yarsin refused to send troops and supplies to aid their new allies, and were thus voted out of the Alliance.

It has been rumoured in Yarsin that Viroth was mobilizing to conquer them, themselves, but had abandoned their campaign when the Cataclysm struck, instantly annihilating most of the city in a silent, white explosion. It is also rumoured that the Darkness itself began to spread from the ruined peak.