Bare Essentials

What you need to know to start roleplay.

The World

  • The game is set on the planet of Aagos, which has about 700 years of written history, and is supposed to be around 2000 years old.
  • Gameplay takes place in the city of Telantha and its surrounding area, which is in the region of Viroth, which is on the continent of Idas.
  • This region (and others) is ruled by the Kingdom of Viroth.
  • Before the Cataclysm, there were three major powers: The Viroth Alliance (headed by the Kingdom of Viroth), the Tyeni Empire, and a city-state called the Republic of Yarsin


  • There are four main races on Aagos: Human, Tir, Tyen and Skrel'eth.
  • Tir have elongated ears and are a nomadic people. They were enslaved by the Tyen.
  • Tyen are an imperial race, have dark skin/hair/eyes (grey through black). Tyen have small horns on their brow. The horns are white at birth and darken to ebony at adulthood.
  • Skrel'eth are a clan based warrior race. They have blue skin/hair and blue/green eyes. They have a strong sense of honour.
  • Humans are not unlike the humans in the 'real world', though a little shorter than the 'modern' human. They are the most prolific of the races.


  • A large cataclysm recently occurred five years ago which destroyed most of the known world.
  • Only Telantha and a surrounding area survived and is uncovered by the 'darkness', leaving Viroth as the sole world power.
  • To the best that people can tell, the darkness exists above the uppermost cloud layers. As the darkness appears to be non-reflective, it's impossible to tell whether it actually has substance, it only known that no light can penetrate it or reflect off of it.
  • Beneath the darkness, deadly demon-like creatures ravage the land. Distorted creatures both similar and yet so radically different from the natural flora and fauna that populated the continents.
  • A deadly plague recently effected Telantha (within the last 12-18 months) killing thousands.
  • Robert of Telantha currently rules Telantha after the recent death of previous King Roberht

Society Today

  • Viroth is ruled by the Monarch who has absolute authority.
  • Nobles exist. The three upper houses are: Telan, Mao, and Hadeen.
  • Non-Nobles are not able to own any land.
  • Nobles are expected to be respected.
  • Imitation of a Noble is a crime, reserve titles such as Lady and Lord for Nobles.
  • Citizens of Telantha have more rights than the refugees that live with them.
  • The city is over crowded and much of the population live on the streets.
  • Silver is more valuable than gold. Iron is the most common metal, though some of it is refined into steel.


  • The religion within Aagos is Polytheistic.
  • Atheism is not an option.
  • Three Elder Gods:
    Cymur, God of Guardianship, Reincarnation, Fertility, Fire, Agriculture, and Tradition.
    Balor, God of War, Death, Inspiration, Conquest, Martial Arts, Sky, and Fate.
    Morhiag, Goddess of Vengeance, Night, Magic, Dark Prophecy, Death and the Underworld.

    Two 'servant' Gods:
    Ylessa, Goddess of Fertility, Reincarnation, Feminine Creativity, Healing, Love, Sexuality and the Sea.
    Sykala, God of the Hunt, Woodlands, Nature, Animals, Weather, Earth, and the Seasons.

    And there are three Demigods:
    Elbahn, God of Wealth, Trade, Opulence, Sex, Good Fortune, and Change.
    Melchior, God of Song, Bards, Poetry, Druidism, Magic, Writing, Wisdom, and Knowledge.
    Belial, God of Secrets, Stealth, Betrayal, Forbidden Knowledge, and Misfortune

Vek'pem Ahyre

  • At one time thought to be mythical, there is no doubt for most as to their existence now.
  • They were created some time ago by Belial (the god who is not to be named).
  • The rest of the Gods shunned Belial and his children
  • The Vek require the blood of sentient creatures
  • The Vek hate the Dryth and seek their absolute destruction; to many, the reasons for this are not known.


  • The Dryth are also known as the hunters of Vek and seek their destruction.
  • The Dryth are usually secretive about their identity
  • The general populace treat the Dryth with fear and suspicion.

Life & Death

  • Death can be permanent
  • If you are to be returned, you can remain in Annwn (City of the Dead) for anything from 6 to 72 hours.

About Characters

  • Characters on Shadow Siege have no levels or classes, only skills and attributes.
  • Skills and Attributes are raised by spending RPP, which are collected over time as you play the game.
  • All first characters are human, non-noble characters. Others can be applied for and bought with RPP a little later, once people are comfortable with the game.
  • Shadow Siege is stricly RP-enforced, which means that the in-character (IC) world is kept as seperate from the out-of-character (OOC) one as possible.

About Backgrounds

  • Submitting a background for a character is not required.
  • Characters start with very meager and unspecialized skills unless they submit a background.
  • A backround must be submitted if you'd like to play something special, like a noble, or a race other than human, or someone particularly skilled or knowledgeable.
  • The staff often (but not always) adjusts the skills and stats of a character when a background is submitted. Note that we use our own descresion when doing so, and give no promises.
  • Any background sent in will get a reply by email, yea or nea, within a few days. Usually, its a matter of hours.
  • You can submit a background to a member of staff by email--but be sure to read the rest of this site, and what it has to offer first.