New Item Creation

Below is a form that can be used to request a newly made item from the staff. The RPP cost is: 500 RPP per item. There will be also a gold cost depending on the value of the item.

If the item qualifies for and is to be a unique item (something that another character would not be able to icly gain), please note this in the additional note section.

Of note, if a player is requesting an item that their own character is skilled in crafting (for example, a tailor requesting an item of clothing), then the RPP cost may be reduced as follows:

  • Below Capable Skill: 500 RPP
  • Capable Skill: 400 RPP
  • Trained Skill: 200 RPP
  • Well Trained Skill: 100 RPP
  • Advanced Skill: 0 RPP

Keep in mind when requesting an item, the greater the quality, the more it is likely to cost. Other things, such as type of fabric, how much, current market within Telantha can all effect cost. On the forums, under knowledge base is a rough idea to how much gold things may cost. Use the appropriate field to indicate the maximum you are willing to pay without us confirming the cost first with you.

This form uses the email client on your computer to send. If you do not have email set up, it is recommended you send the information direct via email yourself. It is also recommended you save the information before submitting it in the event of an error occuring. If you have not heard from a staff member within 48 hours, please contact me on:

At the end of the form is an example item request to give you an idea of what we are after.

Account Name:
Character Name:
Item Type (eg: clothing, armour, weapon, furniture, etc):
Item Short Desc:
Item Look Desc:
Please confirm gold amount with me before creating item if greater than:
Additional Notes:



Account Name: Mina

Character Name: Mina

Item Type: Clothing

Item Short Desc: a thin golden band engraved with ivy

Item Look Desc: This thin golden band has been finely crafted. The band is delicately engraved with a stylised ivy pattern.

Quality: Excellent

Max Gold: 450 Gold

Additional Notes: I'm on usually from 5pm EST onwards, please email me when ready to pick up on: I am not skilled in jewelry making so will be paying full RPP costs.