Naming Conventions


An example of a typical Virothian male name would be 'Ioan ap Gerald', and a female name might be 'Lilith ferch Gerald'. Even daughters take the father's name, not the mothers. While no change is made to a woman's name when she marries, only the father's name is passed on to any children.

When addressing someone informally, only the given name is used, however in formal situations the full name is used, and on rare occasions (such as, a coronation, for example) the name will include not only the father's given name, but also the grandfather's: Ioan ap Gerald ab Owain.

In Yarsin, the convention for naming uses family names (surnames), where the surname of the father is passed on to the children. Women take their husband's family name when married, though some adopt their maiden name as a middle name. For example:

Lilith Val'diel Awen, daughter of Thal Val'diel, and wife of Gerald Awen.

Traditionally only the family name is used when addressing someone formally, including their job tital (or landed title, if noble, such as Lord or Duke) for example Miller Val'diel, or Lord Awen. Informally, only the given name is used.

Humans in Other Locations
Humans born outside the influence of Viroth or Yarsin, or in sufficiently isolated locations within those areas would typically use the naming convention of the nearest of the two. Sometimes slight differences would occur, such as with Human's born in Urgat, where the convention of the patronymic has given rise to a form of family name born of the joining of ap/ab with the given name of the father, where 'Ioan ab Eos' would become 'Ioan Beos'. However, sometimes these naming conventions would be influenced or in extreme cases entirely replaced by those of other races who were perhaps more dominant and/or numerous in the area.