Populations of Aagos

Here is a rough estimation of the population spread in Aagos.

Keep in mind the numbers don't add up, because, realistically they didn't count people down to the last one, or last ten, or hundred. So they are rounded to the nearest 500/1000. But the percentages are the roughly accepted percentage of the populations at the time.

Another thing to know is that, while Humans were a majority pre-darkness that only just outnumbered all other races combined, that is because the only surviving city happened to be a Human city, this majority jumped to becoming completely overwhelming after the darkness simply because they would have taken care of their own/their allies first before trying to make room for any other races. As a result, Skrel'eth and Human fared the best.

. Pre-cataclysm Post-cataclysm Post-plague
Human 10,057,000 (59%) 84,500 (78%) 63,300 (80%)
Skrel'eth 3,750,000 (22%) 11,500 (11%) 8,500 (10%)
Tyen 2,045,500 (12%) 5,500 ( 5%) 4,000 ( 4%)
Tir 1,193,000 ( 7%) 6,500 ( 6%) 4,800 ( 6%)
Total 17,045,500 108,500 80,600