The following is a rough guideline to wages within Viroth. The amounts given are for the medium wage paid.. apprentices and masters would like be paid more or less accordingly.

Job Daily Monthly
Apothecary 20f 640f
Bard 14f 448f
Beggar 8f 256f
Carpenter 22f 704f
Cartographer 28f 896f
Chandler 18f 576f
Charcoaler 18f 576f
Clothier 20f 640f
Cook 10f 320f
Courtesan variable variable
Farmhand 8f 256f
Fisherman 16f 512f
Glassworker 22f 704f
Herdsman 8f 256f
Hideworker 20f 640f
Hunter 14f 448f
Innkeeper 20f 704f
Jeweller 22f 704f
Laborer 14f 448f
Locksmith 20f 640f
Man-at-Arms 10f 320f
Mason 32f 1024f
Metalsmith 24f 768f
Miller 28f 896f
Miner 28f 896f
Perfumer 22f 704f
Physician 24f 768f
Porter 14f 448f
Potter 20f 640f
Prostitute 12f 384f
Ratter 20f 640f
Salter 16f 512f
Servant 8f 256f
Scribe 22f 704f
Tentmaker 24f 768f
Thatcher 18f 576f
Timberwright 26f 832f
Toymaker 16f 512f
Trapper 12f 384f
Tutor 28f 896f
Weaponsmith 36f 1152f
Constable 16f - variable 512f - variable
Reeve 30f 960f
Regular Army: Recruit 20f 768f
Regular Army: Private (Man-at-Arms) 48f 1536f
Regular Army: Sergant (Noble Only) 384f 12288f
Regular Army: Captain (Noble Only) 768f 24576f