Housing Requests

So, your character is sick of sleeping on the streets and is need of a home. Certainly gaining your character a home has numerous benefits, including the ability to be able to open a bank account, and having somewhere to store your things. Items dropped within your home (or in fact anywhere within the game) will save through a server reboot or crash.

The first step is to look how much it is likely going to cost. Help housing2 in game gives a guideline in regards this. The prices listed in this help file only includes the house. No furniture or decorations. Any thing your character wants to add is extra.

Your character will be required to pay one month's bond and 1 weeks rent. Payment can be made thereafter weekly at the bank using the rentpay command. If you fall more than 4 weeks behind in payments, your character is ICly likely to be kicked out and the bond lost.

You will be required to provide the descriptions for the rooms, ensuring that it meets the theme of the area it's going in (ie no mansions in slums please!) and these will be reviewed before the building is put in game. For information about standards for room descriptions, please read help building.

Another additional note: Locks. Unless otherwise implicitly stated, homes do not come with locks. These need to be requested in addition and will have an additional cost involved. Currently this is 500f per lock and 100f per key (so key and lock would be 600f, a lock and 2 keys would be 700f).

So, having read and understood all that, send in your housing requests to: requests@shadowsiege.com.

Ensure that you include the following in your email:

  • Character making payment of rent (only one):
  • Characters living in house:
  • Number of rooms:
  • District type (slums/middleclass/etc):
  • Any furniture required (bed, table, chairs etc):
  • Price per month (use help housing2 for a guideline):
  • Number of locks/keys required and for which rooms:
  • Descriptions for all rooms (minimum 5 lines each):
  • Any further information?