Kha, Magic and Casting


Kha is a magical energy that exists outside the person, and is drawn from the surroundings through the use of a skill, or multiple skills. It moves through the universe like a river, or a wind, and is amplified or reflected by the eight heavenly bodies (including Aagos), creating eight 'brands' of magic. Seven of these are available to mortals, and one to the Vek'pem Ahrye. Belial's Kha is considered to be cursed. Based on the positions of the celestial bodies, some kha is said to be enthroned and others opposed. Each having a different effect on the runes and the results of casting.

When a planet, moon or sun is in the sky it will have a positive affect on its own Kha, and will also affect other Kha present, possibly reducing it. Though no Kha will ever be entirely not present regardless how many negative
affects there are.

Astrological months will cause a blanket increase in the Kha associated with it, but depending on what planets are in the sky at the time, this might not mean that this Kha is high, it might be very heavily reduced in fact.

Enthronements will be decided by comparing all the power levels of the different Kha at that time, and selecting the highest. If multiple Kha are all equally as powerful, then they will be a part of an Opposed Enthronement. When a Kha is Enthroned (or a part of an Opposed Enthronement) then they will exude affects on other Kha.

Everything opposes Belial, Cymur opposes Balor and is allied with Morhiag and Ylessa, Balor opposes Cymur but is also allied to Morhiag and Ylessa, Morhiag opposes Ylessa, and vice versa, with both allied to Cymur and Balor, Elbahn and Melchior oppose no one, and are allied with each other, and Sykala is neither allied nor opposed to anyone. This is based on an image, a sort of map of he alignment of Kha, which we will work on and post once finished to give more of a visual.


There are two parts to casting magic, naming the runes, then drawing the Kha needed to power the spell.

To actively cast a spell, the person needs to speak the name of the runes. Drawing the rune in the air or any other gestures is largely be symbolic, and just an aid for the caster rather than a requirement, spells can be cast without the use of the hands at all, except where/if there is an affect which specifically involves some part of the body (such as a touch attack spell.)

The speaking the runes is done in a special way, vocalised in a very specific way that isn't quite normal. It would require a sort of voice training to be able to do it. It is not affected by accent though a lisp might make it harder. If a character couldn't talk then they wouldn't be able to cast a spell at all. This voice training will eventually be represented by a skill.

The second part to magic, drawing the Kha involves a skill specific to that flavour of Kha, this part comes after the spell because only after the runes have been named does the spell know what Kha it needs to draw on.

A mage also needs to actually know the runes, these would be static things, and once learned they would be known for good (though may possibly be lost through death. There are no levels in knowing a rune, if you know it then you know it. There are a large number of them and some of them very well hidden and guarded. Some are kept secret within guilds and societies, only given out to members paying a hefty fee for the privilege.


Fyros - Cymur, God of Guardianship, Reincarnation, Fertility, Fire, Agriculture and Tradition.

Aeros - Balor, God of War, Death, Inspiration, Conquest, Martial Arts, Sky and Fate.

Dwaeos - Ylessa, Goddess of Fertility, Reincarnation, Feminine Creativity, Healing, Love, Sexuality and the Sea.

Nhacros - Morhiag, Goddess of Vengeance, Night, Magic, Dark Prophecy, Death and the Underworld.

Enagreos - Melchior, God of Song, Bards, Poetry, Druidism, Magic, Writing, Wisdom and Knowledge.

Khaeos - Elbahn, God of Wealth, Trade, Opulence, Sex, Good Fortune and Change.

Ethreos - Sykala, God of the Hunt, Woodlands, Nature, Animals, Weather, Earth and the Seasons.

Bhelos - Belial, God of Secrets, Stealth, Betrayal, Forbidden Knowledge and Misfortune