Tutorial: Room Editing

Mina's Tutorial on Room Creating.

  1. Create an ascii map of the area detailing what is roughly where. Submit this to the staff and if all is well, they will 'buildwalk' it for you - essentially turn the map into relevant vnums and link it all together.

  2. You will need to be in the room as you edit it. When you are in the room you want to set up, type: redit. This will bring you into a menu that looks something like the following:

  3. As you can see from the above, the room editing system is 'menu driven' with the options listed in bright green numbers & letters down the left of each column.

    Room Number: This is the room vnum and usually cannot be changed.

    Room Zone: This is the zone the room is connected to and also usually cannot be changed.

    1) Name: This is the room name and is dispaleyed at the top when you type look. This is usually capatilised like a title and is 3-6 words long. For example: A Large Bedroom.

    2) Description: This is the full description of the room. It is very important that you either enter the information into the buffer provided one line at a time (make sure it is not over 80 characters per line) or that you use /f (format) before you exit the buffer and save the information. <- THIS IS VERY, VERY IMPORTANT. Make sure the description meets the Shadow Siege building standards (see help building for more information).

    3) Room Flags: Most are self explanatory, but one of the most commonly used is 'inside'. Make sure this is set on any inside room or people will complain about it raining inside :)

    4) Sector Type: Select the sector type by entering the letter along side the one you want. City is used for the streets of Telantha, and 'inside' for buildings.

    5 - G) These are all the rooms exits. To add a room exit, select the one direction you want to add it in by choosing the corresponding letter. For example, 5 for North.

    1) Exit to: This is the vnum of the room you are creating the exit to.

    2) Description: This is the description of the exit. This is seen when someone types look .

    3) Door name: This is the keywords used for the door. It is important that the first one be door and the following ones be the long version of the direction and a shortened version. For example: door north n (as in the image above).

    4) Key: If the room is able to be locked and unlocked, you will need to create a key and put the vnum of the key here.

    5) Door flags: If the door is able to be opened, you must have it set here as 'Is a door'.

    6) Purge exit: This option is used to purge the exit.

    0) Type 0 to quit this menu and be taken back to the previous one.

    H) Extra descriptions: You can set extra descriptions for the room so that if someone types: Look crevice (or some other keyword) a different description is shown.

    S) Scripts: No longer in redit

    Q) Quit: To finish up, select this option. Then if you wish to save your changes, select Y. To have the information saved permanently, you will need to get a member of staff to 'saveall' for you or they will be lost.