Tutorial: Assembly Editing

Mina's Tutorial on Assembly Creating

  1. Firstly, before you begin working on assemblies, make sure that you have gained approval from a member of staff and have put a proposal forward covering what you want to add to the world.

  2. Plan out the object you want to make the assembly for. What tools are going to be needed. What items will be consumed. Do they need to be in their inventory or on the ground?

    A typical plan might include a summary like this:

    Item to be crafted: a serving of aromatic fish stew
    Type of craft: Cook
    Skill level: 1

    (to be made) a large brown and green speckled (in inventory, used up, 1 required)(sell price: 7)
    (29016) a large, cast-iron stove (in room, not to be used up, 1 required)
    (29017) a large, blackened cast-iron frying pan (in inventory, not to be used up, 1 required)
    (to be made) a sprig of fresh thyme (in inventory, used up, 1 required)(buy price: 2)
    (to be made) a knob of creamy, yellow butter (in inventory, used up, 1 required)(buy price:3)


    • Remember that the crafting system is a simplified version of real life, it need not include every single item that would realistically be used to make it. Use the items already in the game as a guide.
    • If you are not sure, check with a staff member
    • The system is restrictive in that it requires the exact vnum in order to make it.
    • Use the existing tools (Where possible) rather than making new versions.
    • When creating the item to be made by the assembly, it is important to remember to ensure that the prices are set right, it will make a profit based on the consumable items used up. Test it out. Make sure it is making a profit as the cost listed on items in oedit is NOT the sell price of it.

  3. After creating all the components and the final object produced, to set up the craft system, first type: assedit new [vnum of the item to be made].

  4. Then, to get into the menu system, type: assedit [vnum of the item to be made]. This should yield a menu like below.

    Assembly Number: The vnum of the item to be produced.
    Number Produced: How many of the items will be produced. This can be set with option N.
    Assembly Name: The short desc of the item to be produced.
    Assembly Type: The type of 'craft' used to produce this item. This can be set with option T.
    Skill Level Required: The amount of skill required to create an item. This can be set with option S.
    Craft time: How long it takes to make the item. This can be set with option C. You will be then presented with the following menu and asked to enter a time.

    Components: The list of components required and their attributes - In room, Used and number required. To add a component use option A. You will then need to edit it with option E to select the appropriate values for in room, used and number required.
    Quit: This will exit you from the above menu. SAVEALL will need to be used to save the assembly to the area file.