Salutations, and (Melchior willing) Edification

Greetings one and all. I am Enoch, and I am honored to contribute to the content of Shadow Siege. And contribute I shall. Of first priority is easing the workload of our inestimable Staff. This benefits me as much as anyone, for I am an avid player. Custom items and housing requests should see prompt resolution once I, and my worthy fellow Siegelings, are brought up to speed. From there I hope to dive directly into the crafts. More available items, along with the means to harvest and craft these items, is my personal piece of zealotry.

My experience in gaming is predominantly table top, where I have a ridiculous quantity of experience (one might assume that experience speaks to quality as well, and I hope this proves to be the case). I have been a "game master" of a great many systems, honing my ability to craft an engaging and immersive story. While my experience with MUDs takes a distant second to my pen & paper RPG experience, it never the less spans more than a decade. I have been both a content developer and plot developer. It is my fond wish that these skills bring something new and valued to Shadow Siege.

To borrow a quote from a series I love: "See you in the World."