Siegling March

Greetings and Salutations from Rahmiel. I am overly pleased to announce that I am one of the other Siegians in training, or Siegling, to be exact.

I've played on Shadow Siege for about a year now, though I do admit to having a couple of months time in there for a break or two. Shadow Siege was not my first roleplay mudding experience, but I found it to be the most indepth one, with an amazing community and wonderful roleplay. Most of my roleplay experience comes from the multitude of tabletop gaming I've done throughout my life, both as a player and game master for several different mainstream and custom systems. I've also done some scripting work on a few game servers, though I admit nothing of this style.

As the other Sieglings have said before, we're all looking to tackle the backlog of custom items and housing requests that have built over the past while. Once this is finished, I know we each have in mind a project which, hopefully, everyone will come to enjoy in the future.

That's enough from me, so I bid you all a good day, and even a super totally awesome great day if someone gives me some cheesecake.