Status of items and houses

The item backlog is now gone. The housing backlog persists, so if you're wondering why you got an item back immediately but no word on your house, that's why. If you filed an item request more than a couple days ago and haven't gotten any sort of response on it, then we don't have it and you need to resend it. It's possible that some things fell between the cracks. Please remember to use the new email address:

Since items can now be handled fairly quickly, consider helping the local Telanthan economy by filing a couple of requests. Many of the crafting trees are hamstrung right now because they lack more complex items. So if you are putting in custom item requests, please consider finding an appropriate crafter and giving them the job. This will go a long way to making the Telanthan economy more interesting and realistic, and you'll save 200 rpp per item.

On the flip side of this, crafters need to advertise who they are! The population is thin right now and people may not realize that there is a carpenter or leather worker or whatever around. Also, consider taking on apprentices. One of the reasons the crafting population is so thin is because many people feel that roleplay opportunities for crafters are more limited. If newbies have apprenticeships and other networks to turn to, they may be more likely to attempt a crafting role.