Status Update

Just throwing out a quick update to everyone that, as Sidmouth said, the item request backlog has been cleared up and should hopefully continue to be cleared up. Housing requests are being worked as we are able to, and slowly those are being taken care of to catch up with some of the more current requests. Please don't be afraid to submit any item or housing requests, we can handle them!

Also, for you crafters, be aware that while some of the crafting branches may seem a little slim in their output, don't feel limited by what the code provides. Try and think of products your person would be able to craft with yours skills, and should someone request, or you wish to request, send up an item you wish to craft that isn't in the game. Not only will this allow you to more fully enjoy your selected profession but it will also help fill the missing gaps in crafting as they evolve and grow in the future.

Hope everyone continues to enjoy the game!