December 06, 2004

The Races of Aagos

Upon creating your first character, the only race that will be available to you is Human. This is primarily due to the fact that the majority of our races are very unique to Shadow Siege and require a bit of time to absorb some of their history and personality before playing. Once you have acquired some roleplay points, the races available that can be applied for are:

Full Blood Races: Human, Skrel'eth, Tir, Tyen.
Half Bloods: Seari, Harch, Eruki, Rytha, Dvin.

Please keep in mind that due to their low numbers within Aagos, the Harch, Eruki, Rytha and Dvin - have a low chance of being accepted upon application.

The following is amount of accumulated roleplay points you need in order to play a non-human race:

25,000 TRPP = Skrel'eth, Seari
50,000 TRPP = Tyen, Tir

100,000 TRPP = Skrel'eth Half-Bloods, Tyen Half-Bloods

Note: TRPP is total accumulated roleplay points.