December 06, 2004


Physical Characteristics:

Height Range: 160cm - 195cm
Weight Range: 50-150 kg
Hair Ranges: blondes, browns, reds and black
Eye Ranges: blue, browns, greens and grey
Skin Ranges: pale cream to a chocolate brown

Overall General Appearance:

In appearance, the Humans of Aagos are not that much different from the humans of Earth; their colourings are as typical and similar. Of note: prior to the Cataclysm, all hair tones above were equally common. However, due to Telantha being the only known surviving city in the world, and Telanthans being 'red-heads' (more often than not), that colour is now, by far, the most copious.

Although they bear no prominent markings by birth, it is relatively common in many societies for Humans to adorn their bodies with both tattooes and piercings.

Population prior cataclysm: 10,057,000 (22%)
Population post cataclysm: 84,500 (78%)
Life Span: Child 1-12, Young Adult 13-15, Adult 16-50, Old age 51-80

All through the history of Aagos, Humans have always been, by far, the most numerous of the races. This is more true now, since the Cataclysm, than ever. Like all other races, their numbers did suffer considerably, but Telantha was primarily human prior to the disastrous event; their population exceeds that of other races even further now. Scientifically, they are a very active race, and as such are often considered the most technologically advanced overall.

It could be said that there are three particular types of humans in Aagos: citizens and serfs of the Kingdom of Viroth (or Virothians); citizens of city-states in central and western Aagos (such as Yarsin, and the 'petty kingdoms' in Aartiru and the Western Islands); and a motley collection of nomadic tribes and wanderers that are scattered throughout the places in between. Of all these, Virothians are by far the most common, given the Cataclysm, with refugees from Yarsin coming in a distant second place.

The Kingdom of Viroth spans most of the region of the same name. Viroth is -- and has been for two hundred years -- one of the three great military and political powers in Aagos. As a feudal monarchy, the nation is ruled by a single king over a system of noble houses. Together, they hold all the rights to land ownership, the land itself being primarily worked by serfs, though a strong merchant class is beginning to make its presence known. Viroth is mostly rural, though there exist a handful of large cities (Telantha included). Virothians are generally conservative in nature, wary of foreigners, and value their structure and traditions. Most see the intrusion of refugees into their lands as an offense -- or at least a necessary evil.

Yarsin, a city-state which once ruled much of the region of the same name, was almost completely obliterated in the Cataclysm. Most survivors, now refugees in Viroth, dwelled outside the city (called Yarsin-on-the-Mountain, or Mount Yarsin) in farms and villages. When it did exist, Yarsin was a capitalistic democracy, ruled by a senate. Yarsans are far more often interested in trade than tradition, and by myth was the center of a world-wide criminal underground. Though Yarsin and its territories are political allies with the Kingdom of Viroth, tensions between the two nations have been, traditionally, high. Yarsin, in its prime, was considered one of the three great political and military powers in Aagos.

Throughout the world, small kingdoms, nomadic tribes, and less-organized societies of Humans are (or were) scattered about, now considered lost to the Darkness. A handful of these also made their way to Telantha as refugees, though in comparison to Virothians and Yarsans, their numbers are very small.

Since creation, humans have steadily increased in numbers and spread over the continent in a gradual Northerly direction. This can be, for the large part, due to their versatility and ease by which they adapt to their environment. Though many of the other races point the finger at the promiscuousness of many of the members of their species.

Conflicts between each other as well as with other races have been a common occurrence in Human history. For the most part, when coming head-to-head against other races, Humans have come out on top through ingenuity and sheer numbers.


Tir: Neutral
Tyen: Disliked
Skrel'eth: Liked
Seari: Neutral