December 06, 2004


Formal Race Name\Plural: Tir\Tir


Height Range: 165cm to 190cm
Weight Range: 50kg to 82kg
Build: Tall and lean, toned.
Hair Ranges: blondes and light browns
Eye Ranges: blues and greens
Skin Ranges: pale cream to a chocolate brown

While Tir share some similarities with Tyeni: they are both tall and generally slim, the Tir tend to be more robust. Their most prominent feature is their long, narrow ears which can move independently and with a surprising amount of freedom, allowing them to track sounds without having to move their head. Like their Elven ancestors the Tir are a willowy, fair featured race, though after generations of living as gypsies in small caravan communities, exposed to the elements and having to work the land, they have grown far sturdier than the Elves from whom they evolved. While slim, most Tir are athletic, their muscles toned and again, unlike the Elves, Tir can develop a light tan; though there are no dark skinned Tir.


Life Span: Child 1 - 12, Young Adult 13 - 20, Adult 21 - 65, Old age 66 - 100
Population prior cataclysm: 1,193,000 ( 7%)
Population post cataclysm: 6,500 ( 6%)
Average No# of Offspring per family: 2
Type of Culture: Nomadic

The Tir are a race of nomads, gypsies. Prior to the cataclysm Tir could be found in most parts of the world in small groups, constantly on the move. Your average Tir would likely have never spent more than a year in one region, before their caravan decided to move; leaving not a single trace of their stay, even a prolonged one. The name Tir is actually derived from a slang term in Elvish, it literally means wanderer, though was often used in a negative sense by the Elves who found the activities or beliefs of some of their kin to be unbecoming.

There is no real structure to the Tirian culture, the race is highly segmented, and even within each group there is rarely any real framework for governing. There is a leader, though this title means comparatively little, and can change several times in one generation as the balance of power shifts. Tir have the most keen sense of self out of all the races, and tend to approach the world as a loosely bound group of individuals, rather than a single unit. This leads to a highly creative and inspired culture, full of song, art, games, anything that an individual can use to create an identity for themselves. But unfortunately this does not lend itself to a very successful culture in terms of war or government. Many Tir rebel against any defined form of authority, natural anarchists. Thus, far from ancsestor worshippers, like the Tyeni, Tir retain no surnames or titles.


Full Bloods:
Human - Neutral
Tyen - Hated
Skrel'eth - Respected / Liked

Tolerated with the exception of Tyen half-bloods.


Tir did not develop a written language until their forced submission into the Tyeni empire. Thus, there are no written records of Tirian history previous; it is a subject that belongs to often conflicting and confusing oral myths, muddled even more by their nomad lifestyle. The basis for these stories seem, as experts agree, to borrow much from their Elven ancestors - a secluded and cryptic race. So, from generation to generation, camp to camp, these legends change with each telling for purely aesthetic reasons, as the Tir put far more weight on the art of oral tradition, rather than academic acuracy.

What is known for sure about their past is that which coincides with Tyeni and Virothian history. Namely, they are a native people of Eastern Aagos who have suffered long years of conquest and servitude where they did not roam freely as elusive bandits and raiders. The former was more likely, as the Tir tend to be a peaceful and generally unproductive nation. Notable members pop up every so often in the history of more 'civilized' people, like Markoa, a charismatic slave-turned-warrior who led an uprising against his Tyen masters in Sron, creating a great distraction to the Empire during their Second Invasion that became, ultimately, a factor in their defeat.

The Tir in Yarsin and Sron are generally considered members of the Viroth Alliance, though without one particular figure head.