July 20, 2006

House Lamaran-thal

Headed by Caernwhyn VII, House Lamaran-thal is of moderate size. Caernwhyn VII had three wives, in the order in which he married them they were: Liminassa III, Alanin-ddu IV (his first cousin) and Wendiharan IX. Liminassa III bore him three daughters, Liminass IV and Arawyn III, the third and youngest child died moments after birth and received no formal name. His third wife, Wendiharan IX produced another daughter, Wendiharan X.

Regrettably Caernwhyn VII's wives and Wendiharan X perished during the chaotic flight to Telantha and shortly after, during the first months after the Cataclysm. The fate of his two eldest daughters is yet unknown as they had been kidnapped some time before, it is assumed that they too are dead. Regrettably Caernwhyn has no heirs, nor wives to produce them and at present there is grave concern over the continuation of the House bloodline.

Family & Ages:

Caernwhyn'radu VII (79) (M)

Vasteel'ddu IV (39) (M) (Second cousin to Caernwhyn'radu VII, also married Caernwhyn's fourth daughter Wendiharan X, now deceased)
Heram'ddu (47) (M) (First cousin to Caernwhyn'radu VII)
Haru'ddu (30) (M) (Second cousin to Caernwhyn'radu VII)

House History:

One of the largest and wealthiest merchant families, House Lamaran-thal dealt primarily in arms and armour in a time when wars or civil disputes were common place. House Lamaran-thal made vast sums of money selling the means to would be conquerors or rebellious towns folk alike, they made no distinction between race or creed or social status. Naturally, while this made them quite wealthy it made them several enemies, not least of all other families who sought to trade in the same market.

House Lamaran-thal maintained and actively sought to strengthen its alliance with the military powers of the Tyeni Empire however it could, through generous bribes and gifts to marriages between theirs and other influential families. And in return for their efforts they were comfortably rewarded with contracts to arm and outfit much of the Tyeni war-machine. Naturally it was in the House's best interests to back any military campaign planed by the Emperor, not only supplying the army with weapons and armour, but also investing substantial amounts of its wealth in ensuring that what few attempts at peace that were made between the Empire and foreign nations failed. It is widely suspected that House Lamaran-thal was one of the key players in the breakdown of the growing peace between the Tyeni Empire and the Viroth Alliance in the 8th year of Cumaill II's reign, though no clear evidence supports this claim.

Despite their clear interests in promoting war between the nations (and even between rival factions within the Empire) House Lamaran-thal had established trading companies throughout the known world, and Tyeni blades and armour could be purchased from Daar all the way to Urgat. Though unable to maintain a clear presence in many of the non-Tyen cities, House Lamaran-thal had built up a network of trade contacts among the natives who could help them move their wares without heavy taxation or harassment. Never the less, the House was occasionally forced to make sizable 'donations' to various private individuals to ensure that their business operated smoothly abroad.

Further suspicions were cast upon House Lamaran-thal during the attempted attack on the independent city-states that were once the eastern Tyeni Empire, who were publicly accused of supplying both the Empire and the Viroth Alliance with weapons. Though again, no solid evidence could be found to support the accusation and charges were eventually dropped, though no small amount of damage had been caused to the House's reputation, forcing the House into a period of relative inactivity. It maintained its various interests but was unable to expand without unwanted attention.

It was not long after the House had felt it safe to resume their business dealings abroad that the cataclysm happened. Fortunately a select few representatives of the house were in Viroth on business, attempting to strike contracts to supply the Virothian army with arms for their rumoured campaign against Yarsin. Unfortunately, the core of the Household was not among them.

Caernwhyn'radu VII barely managed to survive the flight to Telantha, which was made along with a vast caravan consisting of other Houses and other refugees who had been found along the way. Despite the size of the caravan, or perhaps because of it, conditions were terrible. People starved, died from exposure or infection, and not least of all they died in their hundreds to the relentless assault from the Darkness itself. Many of House Lamaran-thal perished, including Caernwhyn's three wives and countless close relations. By the time the refugees reached Telantha, House Lamaran-thal had been utterly devastated, Caernwhyn'radu the last living member of the main bloodline.

However, fortunately for the survivors from the refugee caravan, the few members of the house which had been in Telantha when the cataclysm had occurred, had already begun to make arrangements for the family (though none had expected any others to arrive so late.) Selling what wares they had brought with them, under the guidance of Vasteel'ddu IV, Caernwhyn'radu VII's second cousin, they had already purchased a residence. Though small, it was a welcome comfort for the family during a time when most were forced to live on the streets, lucky if they even had a lean-to to sleep under.

Once the initial chaos had begun to settle, House Lamaran-thal, again under the leadership of Caernwhyn'radu began to investigate the new social and economic landscape that they were forced to live in. The family's main skills were of no use to them here, and so the House was forced to adjust and soon found it self dealing in the black market. Through various means, few of which were legal, the family began to stockpile essentials, from food to medicine, which it made available to other refugees at extortionate (some might say cruel) prices. Never the less, the House was able to secure its immediate survival whilst moving its way through the underground circuit, soon becoming a key player, and once again able to dally in the market of weapons, though now rather than supplying armies, they would supply criminal gangs.

House Lamaran-thal has had a turbulent and difficult past few years, but it has managed to scrape through. However, currently it has fallen on hard times, the marketplace has become increasingly hostile as the city slips further and further under the ceaseless attacks of the Demons. There is much speculation as to whether or not Caernwhyn'radu VII will remarry and produce an heir, and if not, who will succeed him.