August 01, 2004


Sykala, God of the Hunt, Woodlands, Nature, Animals, Weather, Earth, and the Seasons.

The largest groups that worship Sykala are farmers, though most people have been known to call his name when the weather is foul, giving birth to the saying, "Sykala is angry with me/us."

Number of Worshipers
Almost all farmers divide their time between worshipping Sykala, worshipping the patron god of their city/race, and actually tending to their crops. Also, most people that find their homes in the woods, such as outcasts of cities, or anybody else that derives sustenance from the land will worship him. Also, hunters of any sort, animal, bounty, etc. will ask for Sykala's blessing before they begin.

Druids follow the same paths as farmers. They worship Melchior primarily, as well as Sykala. This has been the cause of some jealous actions on Sykala's behalf in the past; Melichor has never retaliated.

Methods of Worship
Most people that hunt or farm solely for sustenance will offer the unused crop or parts of animal to Sykala. Bounty hunters will extract the right eye from their quarry and sacrifice it as thanks for a successful hunt. This is because the common manifestation of Sykala is missing it's right eye. The legend behind its disappearance has long been forgotten.

The sacrifices are prepared on an altar and a jan-whei, a glass sphere constructed just for this purpose, is broken over it. It is then burnt until only ash remains. The ash is then used by the priests to make new jan-whei.

Dedicated Temples and Priests
A few temples can be found, at least, before the darkness, hidden in groves in the centers of forests, or in farming towns. Most sustain themselves, some sell jan-whei to procure supplies for maintenance.

Sykala's Appearance
He appears most of the time as a satyr, a man with the legs of a goat, as well as two massive horns curling from his skull. His right eye is typically missing, though it doesn't seem to restrict his vision in the least. His black fur coat covers everything below his torso, as well as the tops of his forarms.

Sykala's Motives
His goals and motives revolve heavily around nature, and it's growth/preservation. He rewards those that sustain/better nature, while he punishes those that detract from it. He also views these acts as good and evil, respectively.

Symbols of Sykala
The jan-whei is a major symbol of the religion, as well as a willow tree crest. The gesture performed at prayer is the touching of the first two fingers of both hands to the ground, bending at the waist, then trailing the fingers back up through the air, then splitting when they reach the worshipper's head, and spreading outwards like the branches of a tree.

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