July 08, 2005

Summary of the Gods of Aagos

There are eight Gods in the Shadow Siege pantheon.

Three Elder Gods:
Cymur, God of Guardianship, Reincarnation, Fertility, Fire, Agriculture, and Tradition.
Balor, God of War, Death, Inspiration, Conquest, Martial Arts, Sky, and Fate.
Morhiag, Goddess of Vengeance, Night, Magic, Dark Prophecy, Death and the Underworld.

Two 'servant' Gods:
Ylessa, Goddess of Fertility, Reincarnation, Feminine Creativity, Healing, Love, Sexuality and the Sea.
Sykala, God of the Hunt, Woodlands, Nature, Animals, Weather, Earth, and the Seasons.

And there are three Demigods:
Elbahn, God of Wealth, Trade, Opulence, Sex, Good Fortune, and Change.
Melchior, God of Song, Bards, Poetry, Druidism, Magic, Writing, Wisdom, and Knowledge.
Belial, God of Secrets, Stealth, Betrayal, Forbidden Knowledge, and Misfortune

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